Fansubs ruled illegal – DUH.


Didn’t know about this case, but I could have predicted the outcome. I wrote a long-ish FAQ about fansubs back in the late 1990s. They’re a violation of the Berne Treaty Convention, and in my country, USC Code 17 as well.

Knowing this, I continued to subtitle anyhow. The FBI was fully aware of us: They hired one of my translators, and sent a MiB to my door to interview me about him and why I hired him. I’m still here.

I don’t subtitle anymore, instead focusing on – completely illegally – capturing rare laserdiscs. I will continue to do so until such time as I run out of relevant disks, or until I am locked up. Then as now, my goal is preservation, and I will continue to openly violate the law to see my goal through to the end. When “the law” and “doing the right thing” are in contradiction, I’ll chose the later, as should all.


I cranked out a few half-hour OVAs, those are quick.

Currently working on Radio City Fantasy, which is like the anime equivalent to Yellow Submarine.

PPP Upcoming: The Kindaichi Case Files, movie 1

The next most-requested disk in my donated set. I don’t know a thing about this series, I’m afraid. Seems like something I might enjoy. On the other hand, the director’s previous credits are a whole lot of Dragonball Z, and I can’t stand DBZ. But he also did the first 3X3 Eyes, so…

PPP Upcoming: Penguin’s Memory

Finally got that big shipment from Japan, so I’m off to the races.

A penguin suffers PTSD from serving in totally not Vietnam. No, seriously, that’s what its about. It rides a weird line between cute and grim. Tonally, it kinda reminds me of Saber Marionette R, of all things.

Still alive and stuff

Hi! I haven’t captured any video the past month or two. I kinda damaged my computer’s motherboard, actually. It was real stupid. I have things up and running, if a tad jury-rigged. I started to capture Mahjong Quest, only it turns out it isn’t an OVA, its a 45 minute “letsplay” committed to laserdisc for some reason. I’m going on a vacation shortly, but when I come back I’ll find something to capture…

Next up for Piyo-Piyo Productions:

A private project! So there!

After that… I’m not sure yet. At some point I’ll have a set of LDs arriving from Japan that are being sent to me for capture, but that hasn’t happened yet.

I have a bunch of random OVAs kicking around though. And really, I should re-capture some of my earliest stuff at some point, as I’ve gotten a lot better. I also want to revisit To-Y now that I know the dark secrets of SMDegrain, which allowed me to handle Nine.

Time spent on Nine

Still working on this shit!

So, the one filter I had to use takes around 1 hour per one MINUTE of footage. Each episode of Nine is over a little over an hour in length. So, we’re talking about roughly 210 hours of filtering on that one phase alone. The IVTC process takes maybe 5-6 hours per episode. The anti-aliasing pass takes a little over ten hours. The fourth pass of filtering is trimming, resizing, and light denoising, which is another 3-4 hours. Then comes two-pass encoding. I’m not entirely sure how long it takes, because the time estimate swings pretty wildly in the early phases, and I run it overnight and while I’m away at work, but let’s say it takes maybe a dozen hours each in total.

So, I’m going to estimate that Nine 1-3 took around 300 hours to filter and encode.

I didn’t work on it much during the holidays, but I’m almost there now!

Nine, Nine, OMG Nine

Fuckin’ my computer, breaking my mind

This has turned out to be a tricky one. I’m still working on Nine. I had to get some outside help to learn how to deal with its cross-chroma issues. It works, but its SUPER slow, and I had to chop each special up into 15-minute chunks to get it through. So… probably won’t happen before the end of the year.

PPP upcoming: Nine movie/specials

I have zero interest in IRL baseball, but I like baseball anime. So far I’ve seen both Touch and Princess Nine, and I liked them a lot. Enough so that I actually tried to watch real baseball on TV after watching Touch. Oh my God, it was so boring. I don’t get it.

Nine (not of the “Princess” variety”) was an early work of Adachi Mitsusu (of the “Touch” variety). It was never made into a full TV series like Touch was, though. Instead, it was made into three TV specials. The first special was patched up and re-released as a movie. Any good? Beats me, never seen them, but I do own them as a laserdisc boxset. They don’t appear to have been reissued on DVD, which I find quite surprising.

In any event, Orphan has a translator lined up and ready to go!

Unfortunately, this has bad cross-chroma noise issues, and I’m not having a lot of luck resolving them.

Piyo Piyo Productions presents: Wolf Guy 1-3 (INCOMPLETE)

Piyo Piyo Productions presents:

Wolf Guy 1-3 (INCOMPLETE)


Project notes:

Orphan Fansubs asked me to capture this: Unfortunately, I only have the first half of the series at this time. They are obtaining 4-6 from elsewhere.

I actually did this a few weeks ago, but didn’t want to keep delaying the third batch of Miracle Girls, so I delayed the release of this until now.

Raw max bitrate DVD included for archival purposes.