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Miracle Girls 33-34

So I got word, through a third-party, that somebody on BakaBT believes they have contacted me regarding Miracle Girls episode 33 and 34, as they were actually dupes of 35 and 36. I don’t know whom you imagine you have contacted, because it certainly wasn’t me. In any event, fixing now. But since you haven’t ACTUALLY contacted me, I have no way to get the corrected files to you directly, so I guess you’ll just have to grab them from the public torrent once I post it.

RE: Laserdisc donations

I feel the need to set a policy with regards to donations, as its actually become a bit of an issue. I never imagined I would need to do such a thing, so thanks and stuff, folks. The short version is: I’ll capture your discs, but I am not accepting free discs anymore.

If you have anime laserdiscs you want me to capture, I’m open to that, I can capture your disc and send it back to you. I am (probably) open to buying the disc from you. If you are buying discs from somewhere to send to me, I insist on paying for at least part of it.

Let us be very clear: In capturing laserdiscs and releasing those captures, I am willfully violating both Title 17 of the United States Code in my own country, and the Berne Treaty Convention in pretty much every other country on the planet. I am NOT, however, going to profit off of my criminal activities. And getting a bunch of free discs is just profit in another form. So thank you, but my ancient fansubber paladin code is kicking in.

As a side issue: There is no point to my capturing a laserdisc if a title has already been reissued on DVD or Bluray. You’ll get better results from those.

PPP releases migrating

Due to the collapse of Nyaa in the wake of the (completely obvious) Dutch fansub ruling, I am in the process of migrating releases to anirena.com. Anirena allows multiple trackers, which nyaa mostly disabled, but doesn’t have functioning DHT, which sucks. Anyhow, I’m just doing a few a day, so it will be a few days before everything is restored.

I will never release titles on a private tracker. If you see my stuff on a private tracker, it didn’t come from me. I have no interest in stroking the ego of leet file hoarders. I’m breaking the law for the benefit of the general public, not just for a select few.

If patsu.cat is ever finished I will also release there, but at the moment its still a work-in-progress.


Unfortunately, ran into a serious problem and had to revert otakubell.com from a backup. Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit lax on backups, so the last backup was from 9/8/16. I’m so sorry.

Gundams I Have Known and Loved (or not)

I’ve had the Gundam franchise on my mind from playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn, and it has finally prompted me to finally begin watching Gundam Seed. So, here’s all the Gundam I have seen in my lifetime with very brief thoughts:

  • Mobile Suit Gundam – A true classic, and with good reason. Some fruity mech designs, but otherwise quite excellent. Its hard to believe it was actually cancelled – the ending doesn’t feel rushed.
  • Zeta Gundam – Another classic. Its a dark mirror of the original series and a personal favorite. I fansubbed the first half of the series in the pre-digital days, so you know I love that shit.
  • Double Zeta Gundam – Tomino developed this to kill the franchise, and it backfired spectacularly. This series is an absolute insult, and I was insulted. Once I saw Bright reduced to defending the Ahgama with oranges, I was fucking done. Only saw the first four episodes, will not ever watch more.
  • Char’s Counterattack – Great movie, but it requires you to be familiar with the events of the original and Zeta to get the full impact.
  • Gundam F-91 – Starts well, gets more compressed as time moves on. Could have been great as a TV or OVA series, but as a movie, not great. Intriguing, though.
  • Victory Gundam – Covered elsewhere in detail on this site. TL;DR version: Don’t waste your time.
  • Gundam 0080 – Another favorite. It leads you along for the first four episodes, and then shoves you off a cliff. Also features character designs by my favorite artist.
  • Gundam 0083 – Decent enough plot, decent enough action. Falls completely apart on the character level. Kou is boring as shit. Gato is a tin soldier. Why Nina has an interest in these two blockheads is a mystery – she comes across pretty dopey for somebody who is supposed to be some sort of genius. Can’t quite recommend.
  • G Gundam – I went in with no expectations of liking this, and my expectations were met. Bailed after two episodes, no interest.
  • Gundam Wing – Plenty of plot holes, plenty of plot armor, and Operation Meteor is like the dumbest plan ever. The series is carried by its characters, who are a fairly insane and colorful lot. Entertaining overall, but it isn’t the best Gundam series around.
  • Gundam X – The best intro to any Gundam series I have seen – VERY powerful. Unfortnately, it quickly pissed all of my good will away. Garoad is an awful protagonist. Once you get past the first six episodes, what little plot there was is out the window. This series earned its cancellation. I bailed after episode 8.
  • Turn-A Gundam – Beautiful soundtrack, amazing designs, unique steampunk-ish aesthetic. Unfortunately, there is, as near as I can tell after ten episodes, little in the way of plot, and the characters are all intensely stupid. People love this one, and I wanted to as well, but I do not get it.

Gundam Seed – First Impressions

Though I’ve been capturing LDs, I haven’t actually watched much anime lately. I decided to finally do a little catching up, and decided to watch Gundam Seed, finally.

I have watched the first six episodes, and I am quite impressed.

Server upgrades and whatnot

Otakubell.com has been upgraded.

Otakubell now has more RAM available to it – but that’s not why it was down for as long as it was.

Otakubell was running on Debian 7.x, which, while still getting the occasional update, is the legacy branch.  However, I was not keen on moving to Debian 8.x, because Debian 8.x introduces SystemD(icks).  Now, I don’t mind SystemD on my home computer (I run Manjaro at home).  But I don’t really like the idea of it being on a public-facing machine like Otakubell, because its too broad an attack vector.  Unfortunately, Debian was one of the last holdouts against the SystemD plague.  There’s still Gentoo and Slackware, but eh.

So, I tried switching to FreeBSD.  I had messed with in in virtual machines for a while first, so I was fairly confident at first.  But VMs will only take you so far, and as I got into the minutia of setting up the actual server, I realized I was in over my head.  So, I wound up wiping everything and installing Debian 8 after all.

I have also finally dumped MySQL in favor of MariaDB, because fuck Oracle.

You can expect all sorts of disconnects and instability as I continue to tweak and modify.


Massive assault launched on my front page today – a whole lot of IPs from all over the globe tried to hax WordPress all at once. They failed. Thanks, Mod_security! Thanks OWASP!  Thanks Marco Gatti for assembling current builds for Debian Wheezy!  (http://www.marco-gatti.com/2014/05/05/stuff/modsecurity-2-8-0-and-mod_pagespeed-for-debian/)


I am currently going through post-convention depression.  That pretty much means it was an awesome convention.  I enjoyed it more than I’ve enjoyed any Otakon in a decade.  I want to go again next year.  Here’s a quick summary of what I watched:

  • Rail Wars 1-3:  Student trainees join the Japan Railway Security Forces.  Its okay.  Probably wouldn’t seek out more of it, but I didn’t mind it.
  • Re:Hamatora:  I watched one and a half episode and bailed.  I have been hardcore watching anime for almost 25 years, and I can say without hesitation that this is one of the most incoherent pieces of crap I’ve ever attempted to watch.  Seriously, fuck this show.
  • Argevollon:  I only saw the first episode, but it seems to be a fairly stock mecha show.  I’d certainly be willing to see more of it to see if it develops into something beyond stock.  The mech designs reminded me of the old PC game Total Annihilation.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal 1-3:  A delight!  Sailor Moon Crystal takes everything wrong with the original Sailor Moon TV series and fixes it.  The original series had a lot of padding, this cuts all of that out.  The artwork is much closer to Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga style.  The only flaw, and it is a minor one, is that the opening theme is not the least bit catchy, where the original theme was.  I might have liked, perhaps, a remake of the original opening theme as well.
  • Dramatical Murder 1-3:  I had never even heard of this one until I saw it, and was pleasantly surprised.  This one is set in a really cool cyberpunk setting.  Its about a guy who does deliveries for a junk shop who gets sucked into a deadly game of cyber-duelling.  Afterwards, I noticed a few people dressed as characters from this series, so I guess this is just a series that I missed somehow.
  • Akame Ga Kill 1-3:  A young man comes to the imperial capital to join the military, but finds the capital is a corrupt mess.  Instead he winds up joining a group of assassins who specialize in terminating corrupt officials for rebel forces.  It seems fairly good.
  • Kill La Kill 1-6:  The fact that I watched six episodes of this should tell you a lot.  What it should tell you, and what I will tell you now, is that this is amazing.  This anime is a masterful blend of action, drama, and comedy.  It is set in an unusual setting.  It is presented in an insanely hyperkinetic retro style.  There is nothing here for me to not like.
  • Le Chevalier D’Eon 1-3:  Conspiracy and mercury-filled zombies in pre-revolutionary France.  Highly-detailed artwork too.  Pretty good stuff.

Panels were a more mixed bag.  We went to four of them.  Two of them were garbage, because the panelists were awful.

  • A panel called “Psychology of Anime” spent the first EIGHT MINUTES (as confirmed by the panelists themselves) just fucking around and joking with each other.  This may have been mildly entertaining if they were actually funny – they weren’t.  It was painful, but we were kinda stuck deep in a large crowd.  There may have been fifteen minutes of content.  Kiril used the opportunity to take a nap.  I wish I had too.
  • We bailed quickly on a panel called “Anime and the 1980s” when the fumfering panelists mumbled “Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs” 4-5 times in a row after showing us the intro to the same, which ended with the text “Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs.”  I mean, literally, they took turns doing that, and a handful of other meaningless words in-between.
  • We had MUCH better luck with Jed A. Blue’s two panels:  “Postmodern Anime” and “Break the World’s Shell.”  The latter is a quote from Revolutionary Girl Utena and was about apocalyptic anime.  I really felt like I learned stuff in those panels, and Mr. Blue actually knows how to speak and make a presentation.  I’ll give away the most valuable thing I learned:  Utena is heavily influenced by, and quotes, the Hermann Hesse story “Demian.”  I watched all of Utena and found it fascinating, but I couldn’t tell you what the hell happened in that show.  Maybe I need to read Demian!

Toto at the Keswick Theatre

Last night my friend and I saw the band Toto at the Keswick Theatre, right outside Philadelphia.

Maybe a year or two ago I got a random-ass text from my friend, asking if I had ever seen Toto in concert. I had not, I really only knew their bigger hits (Hold The Line, Rosanna, and Africa). I texted him back to say no, and why, were they coming around and did he want someone to go with? But no… he just heard Africa at a party and though it would be amusing if I had seen them live.

So then I began looking into Toto’s other music. I listened to a number of their albums.  I won’t go full Patrick Bateman here, but in summary:  They had some other good songs which I added to my mp3 collection. But most of Toto’s music is, to me, fairly bland. They are brimming with technical ability, but they suffer from being jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

Anyhow, they launched a 35th anniversary tour.  Though a lot of their music is kinda meh, they have more than enough to sustain a long concert after 35 years.  My friend wasn’t available to see them in Philly, and I thought our chance was lost.  But luckily, their tour has been so successful they actually came back around, though this time to a lesser venue outside the city.

The crowd was interesting.  The theatre was totally packed.  Most of the audience appeared to be my parent’s age.  There were a few others our age, like maybe 5% of the audience.  But these geezers were… I hesitate to use the word “dancing.”  “Flailing” might be a good word.  There were a few people out in the aisles dancing and everything.  Rather awkward to see, but they were into it, so good for them.  But God, these people also could not sit still!  I don’t mean the dancers, that’s the good kind of not sitting still.  I mean assholes were constantly getting up and walking in and out, which at the tightly-packed Keswick means everyone ELSE has to get up to let them out.  Aside from bothering everybody else, walking out in the middle of a performance like that strikes me as disrespectful, especially if you just want to get more beer.

The band played it on.  The band got down like a Magikist.  The crowd roared like a lion.  The jam session whipped the camel’s ass.

The sound was kinda muddy.  If I didn’t already know the lyrics, I wouldn’t have figured them out at this venue.  And it wasn’t the most visually dynamic show I’ve ever seen… not nearly as entertaining to watch as Gary Numan or Dead Can Dance.  I knew a lot of the songs they played, but not all of them.  I was a little disappointed they didn’t play “Stop Loving You,” but oh well.  They didn’t have an opening act, and they really didn’t need one.  Instead they played “Rosanna” as the second song in their set.  That surprised me, but it makes sense – that right there IS the opening act.  There were some fairly amazing guitar and piano solos throughout.

In short, the concert was good, but not great – right in line with Toto’s whole musical output.  Overall, I’m glad I got to see them.

Anyhow, here’s somebody else’s recording of (most of) Hydra from the show:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HobLU8XFk6A