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New year, new ideas

Eh, some of the stuff from my last post was kinda stupid. I’m still learning, and I know enough now to realize that. Moving on.

I’ve been thinking of some new pages:

1) Lovers PK wiki: A wiki for documentation of Lovers with PK (and possibly other framework) mods. Most of the Lovers mods have been very roughly translated from Japanese, and it is often unclear how they function or even what they ARE. Hopefully such a wiki would help a lot in those cases. It could also serve as an open development platform, and a file mirror, which brings me to…

2) The Lost Mods Archive, a collection of game mods that, for a variety of reasons, have otherwise fallen off of the internet.

WTF is this shit? Bad stats from old providers

Know how I said otakubell.com got 8-10 millions hits per month?

Yeah, not so much it turns out.  Most like 500,000 hits per month.

Either my old shared hosting providers were feeding me lines of bullshit to try to upsell me, or their counting methodology is severely flawed.

I can tell you that I get, or at leased USED to get, all sorts of nasty hacking bots crawling all over.  They try, over and over again, to hit files and directories that aren’t there.  For example, I have IP addresses trying, OVER AND OVER, like as in hundreds of times, to load “apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png” and “apple-touch-icon.png.”  What are they?  No idea.  Never owned an Apple in my life (I was a Commodore guy, thank you VERY much).  These IPs now find themselves swiftly banned – so were old providers counting that shit as “hits?”  Because that’s bullshit.  And that’s only one example of weird shit that I find in my server logs.

Attack of the Apache

I have been checking my server a lot, as you can imagine.  I’m nervous about it, you know?  I checked it this morning before I left my (new) house (I moved here just last week, and my girlfriend moved in two days ago) – all was well.  I come back home thins afternoon, and my whole server is offline – no web, no SSH, nothing.  Time to reboot and debug.

Result:  Apache2, the webserver, had somehow sucked up all of the system memory and and OS panicked and began killing off process – Apache amongst them.  I thought my email was going to be the problematic part on the server…. in any event, I’ve tweaked the MPM settings in Apache and hopefully it will not be as wasteful with the RAM now.  And if it still is… well.  Expect more downtime, I guess.

Though I’m wondering if it was actually MySQL that went bonko…

New server!

Did you know otakubell.com gets 8-10 millions hits per month? Well, it does.  And given that its almost all PHP-based, including an installation of Mediawiki, shared webhosting was really not cutting it anymore.  My long-time host Beachcomber Creations trumped up some bullshit to throw me off at the end of last year, so I tried to set up VPS hosting at that time, resulting in otakubell being offline until late January.  I thought I had things all set up nicely.  And then, the weekend I was going to put the new server live online, the hosting company I went with vanished from the interwebs and wouldn’t respond to email or trouble tickets.  So much for THAT.  I quickly set up some shared hosting.

The shared hosting kept otakubell online, but boy was it ever slow.  The wiki, in particular, was not running well, and it seemed to be getting worse.  So, I decided to take another stab at VPS hosting, and, after a rather hairy week, here we are.

One of the trickiest things about setting up VPS:  There’s no way to know if things work UNTIL you turn it on, live.  With shared hosting, its simple – all the decent ones run a standard cpanel-based setup.  You back up the old data with cpanel, you upload that to the new server, and then you point your domain name to the new location and you are back in business, seamlessly, because all of the servers you are pointing to have been fully tested by others.  Here, I’m setting up almost everything from scratch – a raw operating system (Debian Squeeze if you’re curious) with an SSH shell, and that’s IT.  I can’t send email to myself to test the email server UNTIL I point my domain at the email servers I set up, and if they’re broken, guess who has to fiddle with them until they work?  And no email until its figured out.  Fortunately, I stumbled onto iredmail, which made setting up the email a lot easier.

Then there’s security issues – various bots were trying to hack my gibson almost immediately upon installing the OS.  My SSH is quite secure, thank you, and I have fail2ban set up and looking at all sorts of processes, so ha!

To-Y manga scans?

I own all five wide-ban volumes of the To-Y manga by Atsushi Kamijo.  I’ve looked around to see if there were any manga scans of this online – I have not found any.  I am unwilling to destroy my manga myself, but I’d love to find an experience manga scanner out there who will do it for me (and the rest of the world).

I hope to one day put together an ultimate To-Y pack – I’ll scan my soundtrack LP, make a fresh new capture of the LD and encode it in H264 with softsubs, include the entire soundtrack in mp3 form, and the entire manga.  That’s would be radballs.  I’m sure upwards of six people in the entire world would love to see that.

Otakubell slowdown

Site’s been running real slow lately – I need to revisit moving to a VPS setup again, but right now I’m in the middle of moving, so it will have to wait a little bit.

Otakubell.com gets 8-10 million hits per month.

Saw Dead Can Dance in Philadelphia last night, shit was awesome.

Priceangels sucks

If there’s one thing I well and truly enjoy, it is cutting off my nose to spite my face.

I ordered something from priceangels.com, who shipped it from China in a cheap paper bubblewarp envelope.  The envelope was torn open, as was the box it contained, and my item was missing.  Priceangel’s position was that, since I had signed for the package there was nothing they could do.  Two problems with that:  1) I signed for NOTHING, and 2) I’d have no way to know the package was damaged until I HAD signed for it (which I didn’t) and had the package handed to me.

Had I payed by credit card I’d have just reversed the charges, but they don’t take credit card, they just take paypal.  Good news:  Paypal agrees I’m owned a refund.  Bad news:  I had to send the remnants of my package back to China.  It took me 30+ minutes in the post office to do so, and it cost me just over 50% of the value of the item.

So, I only get half of my money back, but Priceangels gets nothing.  The only winner here is the post office.  Take THAT, face!


King Bhumibol Adulyadej (अतुल्यतेज भूमिबोल) sucks fat cocks.

And Surachai Nilsang gives it to King Bhumibol Adulyadej in the ass.

Come get me, bitches.


I’ve decided to be a little less secretive/enigmatic with some of my pages.  Some of otakubell.com is still private though…