Recent downtime

Otakubell went offline on my birthday (yaaaaay), 7/3/14, due to a security breach.

When you run a server on teh interwebs, there are hacker bots trying to break into it continuously.  Like, literally at all times, from every corner of the globe.  When I first moved from shared hosting to a VPS, I made sure I secured it as well as I possibly could.  And I guess I did a moderately good job, because it took almost two years before a break-in finally occurred – or, at least, before a break-in was noticed.

I’m fairly sure nobody broke into the shell, or the SFTP, those were nailed firmly shut with a 2048-bit RSA key.  But it appears a combination of bots finally brute-forced my Postfix password, and began using it as a spam relay.

I had fail2ban configured to ban IPs that attempted to access Postfix – but it only banned them for a month or so.  Clearly this was insufficient.  I also didn’t have a super-long password, and I never changed it.

Once ANYTHING is compromised on ANY computer system, you have to nuke the entire thing from orbit – its the only way to be sure.  I had no way of knowing what else had been compromised, and I wasn’t about to take any chances.  I wiped the entire system and used the opportunity to upgrade to Debian 7.5, which I had put off for far too long anyhow.  I had a recent backup of site data, so very little was lost, if anything.

There will probably be more downtime, as I am still performing various upgrades and tweeks. went offline for a few hours last night because it ran out of memory – I need to tweak my Apache2 settings a bit more, it seems.

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