Server upgrades and whatnot has been upgraded.

Otakubell now has more RAM available to it – but that’s not why it was down for as long as it was.

Otakubell was running on Debian 7.x, which, while still getting the occasional update, is the legacy branch.  However, I was not keen on moving to Debian 8.x, because Debian 8.x introduces SystemD(icks).  Now, I don’t mind SystemD on my home computer (I run Manjaro at home).  But I don’t really like the idea of it being on a public-facing machine like Otakubell, because its too broad an attack vector.  Unfortunately, Debian was one of the last holdouts against the SystemD plague.  There’s still Gentoo and Slackware, but eh.

So, I tried switching to FreeBSD.  I had messed with in in virtual machines for a while first, so I was fairly confident at first.  But VMs will only take you so far, and as I got into the minutia of setting up the actual server, I realized I was in over my head.  So, I wound up wiping everything and installing Debian 8 after all.

I have also finally dumped MySQL in favor of MariaDB, because fuck Oracle.

You can expect all sorts of disconnects and instability as I continue to tweak and modify.

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