PPP upcoming: Nine movie/specials

I have zero interest in IRL baseball, but I like baseball anime. So far I’ve seen both Touch and Princess Nine, and I liked them a lot. Enough so that I actually tried to watch real baseball on TV after watching Touch. Oh my God, it was so boring. I don’t get it.

Nine (not of the “Princess” variety”) was an early work of Adachi Mitsusu (of the “Touch” variety). It was never made into a full TV series like Touch was, though. Instead, it was made into three TV specials. The first special was patched up and re-released as a movie. Any good? Beats me, never seen them, but I do own them as a laserdisc boxset. They don’t appear to have been reissued on DVD, which I find quite surprising.

In any event, Orphan has a translator lined up and ready to go!

Unfortunately, this has bad cross-chroma noise issues, and I’m not having a lot of luck resolving them.

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