Time spent on Nine

Still working on this shit!

So, the one filter I had to use takes around 1 hour per one MINUTE of footage. Each episode of Nine is over a little over an hour in length. So, we’re talking about roughly 210 hours of filtering on that one phase alone. The IVTC process takes maybe 5-6 hours per episode. The anti-aliasing pass takes a little over ten hours. The fourth pass of filtering is trimming, resizing, and light denoising, which is another 3-4 hours. Then comes two-pass encoding. I’m not entirely sure how long it takes, because the time estimate swings pretty wildly in the early phases, and I run it overnight and while I’m away at work, but let’s say it takes maybe a dozen hours each in total.

So, I’m going to estimate that Nine 1-3 took around 300 hours to filter and encode.

I didn’t work on it much during the holidays, but I’m almost there now!

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