Attack of the Apache

I have been checking my server a lot, as you can imagine.  I’m nervous about it, you know?  I checked it this morning before I left my (new) house (I moved here just last week, and my girlfriend moved in two days ago) – all was well.  I come back home thins afternoon, and my whole server is offline – no web, no SSH, nothing.  Time to reboot and debug.

Result:  Apache2, the webserver, had somehow sucked up all of the system memory and and OS panicked and began killing off process – Apache amongst them.  I thought my email was going to be the problematic part on the server…. in any event, I’ve tweaked the MPM settings in Apache and hopefully it will not be as wasteful with the RAM now.  And if it still is… well.  Expect more downtime, I guess.

Though I’m wondering if it was actually MySQL that went bonko…

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