WTF is this shit? Bad stats from old providers

Know how I said got 8-10 millions hits per month?

Yeah, not so much it turns out.  Most like 500,000 hits per month.

Either my old shared hosting providers were feeding me lines of bullshit to try to upsell me, or their counting methodology is severely flawed.

I can tell you that I get, or at leased USED to get, all sorts of nasty hacking bots crawling all over.  They try, over and over again, to hit files and directories that aren’t there.  For example, I have IP addresses trying, OVER AND OVER, like as in hundreds of times, to load “apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png” and “apple-touch-icon.png.”  What are they?  No idea.  Never owned an Apple in my life (I was a Commodore guy, thank you VERY much).  These IPs now find themselves swiftly banned – so were old providers counting that shit as “hits?”  Because that’s bullshit.  And that’s only one example of weird shit that I find in my server logs.

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