lol Australia has NOT been working well lately.  At first I thought it was my fault – I had made a change to my mail server configuration and caused a nasty sort of feedback loop, which I didn’t notice until my girlfriend showed me a bounce message.  I fixed the problem, and all seemed well for 2-3 days.  But then the server seemed to just keep timing out for no obvious reason, and I didn’t have time to explore the issue.  So, I rebooted a few times, and the temporarily fixed it.

Finally I had time to address the issue and looked at my logs – bingo.  Someone from was hammering one file over and over, like hundreds of times per minute.  Charming.  I had mod_evasive installed, but not activated.  Well, I activated it, and all has been well since.

5/9/13:  Well, not quite.  It turns out there was some database corruption going on as well, and pretty much every page on is database-driven.  I repaired the database, and optimized it while I was at it.

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