Hotline Miami hurts my back.

I am having a ball playing Hotline Miami, but this game is making me feel old.  After an hour or two the top of my back, right below my neck, is totally stiff and sore.  Man.  Its still worth playing, so far, but it has to be in smaller doses, I think…

I have the same problem with this game as I have with the Hitman series – unless you are some sort of wizard or have read a walkthrough, there’s no way to know what to do without a lot of unrealistic trial-and-error.  But at least Hotline Miami is quick about it.  I found the one Hitman game I played to be a drag.

Now that I think about it, guard behavior isn’t terribly realistic in Hotline Miami either.  But I’m going to guess they toned it down a bit, because its already fairly tricky.

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