Filtering the PPP way

Do you like stupid Chinese cartoons from the 80s and 90s? SURE, we all do! But a lot of them are only available in deprecated formats like laserdisc. And most folks in the fansubbing community are more used to dealing with contemporary footage. So, I am putting this software package and documentation together to assist those who are dealing with older footage from more dubious sources.

Much credit goes to an old analog fansubbing contact from the 90s – Justin Sevakis, who gave me useful filtering advice and turned me on to a few of these filters.

My methodology is NOT foolproof, and could almost certainly be improved upon. In fact, I hope somebody does improve upon it! Please contact to point out what hack fraud I am.

PLEASE NOTE: This will eat up your hard disk space like no-one’s business, so make sure you have plenty.

My Setup

I: What To Install
II: Getting Started – Colorspace Conversion
III: AVISynth Script Anatomy
IV: Actually USING All That Nonsense From Part III
V: Audio and Video Compression

Appendix I: .VOB Files. FUUUUUUUUU-
Appendix II: Use of Weapons: Special Circumstances

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