II: Getting Started – Colorspace Conversion

How to begin depends on how your initial video file is saved. Let us assume you have an .avi file, not .vob files. That’s a whole other ball of wax I will cover later – Refer to Appendix I.

Most of the filters we will be using require the video to be in YV12 colorspace. Avisynth CAN perform that conversion, but colorspace conversion can lead to rounding errors and data loss. Probably you’d never notice the difference, but let’s not take the chance, shall we? it is better to handle the conversion through Lagarith.

Lagarith setup

Open your video in Virtualdub, go to the “Video” dropdown, select “Compression.” A list of codecs should appear – select Lagarith, and press the “Configure” button to the right. Set the “Mode” to YV12, and select “Use Multithreading” (assuming you aren’t a time traveler from 1996 or something.) Back on Virtualdub’s main screen, go to the “File” dropdown, and “Save as AVI.”

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