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Links to the latest version of Slavemaker can be found at:

Slavemaker 3[edit]

A 4Shared site is maintained for all other files is maintained by the MasterBloodfer user windsongbard and usually has the latest update versions.

17-dec-2015 Slave Maker 3.5.02 Release[edit]

13-dec-2015 Slave Maker 3.5.01 Release[edit]

05-dec-2015 Slave Maker 3.5 Release[edit]

from Cmacleod Blog

02-nov-2014 Slave Maker 3.4.01[edit]

from Cmacleod Blog


2012-09-01 Slave Maker 3.3.01[edit]

Updated Full Game

bad link

Raw files

Update Only

filehost link


2012-08-26 Slave Maker 3.3.[edit]

  • From Cmac Blog

Basic Pack
This is the core game and is a playable version of the game, with a few slaves, assistants and minor slaves. It also contains all the standard events and all the game executables, including a Mac OSX version in this release.
If you have not played the game before then download this version and try it out.

size: 320Mb


direct download


Assistant Pack
This is a pack of additional assistants, fellow slavemakers to aid in supervising your slaves. They can have special abilities and give bonuses to training slaves.

This pack is optional, and you can choose not install this of you want.

These were developed by various people, myself, Someone1001, M.I.A amongst others. There is a full list with credits in the Basic Pack in the html file Assistants List.html

size 236Mb

magnet link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5DBF43C73576584B4172F649203C0A183EB2B7ED&dn=Assistants%20Pack&tr=udp%3a//

direct download



Minor Slaves Pack
This is a pack of additional minor slaves, lower ranked slaves that can be used to help train you slaves. Some have special abilities, for instance the Nurse Cora.

This pack is optional, and you can choose not install this of you want.

These were developed by several other developers like CampeonKid, M.I.A, Thf772. There is a full list of them with credits in the Basic Pack in the file Minor Slaves List.html

size: 197Mb

magnet link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D5B60A1B81907DDFED9F685E10F224D273DE424E&dn=Minor%20Slaves%20Pack&tr=udp%3a//

direct download



Slaves Packs
These remaining 7 packs are collections of slaves released for the game. Most packs contain 10 slaves and are organised in order the slaves were released.

These packs are optional, and you can choose to download and install any or all of these, or none.

A full list of the slaves and credits can be found in the Basic Pack in the file Slave List.html

size: 250 to 500Mb varies from pack to pack

torrents (an archive of all torrent files) magnet links


direct downloads

slaves 1
slaves 2
slaves 3
slaves 4
slaves 5
slaves 6
slaves 7

Full Version
hm2k made a torrent of the complete version, including some recent (after the 3.3 release) changes by M.I.A. In general I would prefer you to use the individual torrents above, but if you prefer here is the torrent


2011-12-12 Slavemaker 3.2.06[edit]

  • Torrent for 3.2.06 with all 3rd party updates as of 3-13-2012 Torrent
  • Need to be unzipped with 7zip.

  • Full Version + Slaves/Assistants/Minor Slaves Update as of 4-28-2012 - 3.15 GB!
  • Split .zip archive. Can be extrated with 7Zip ONLY.
Part 1: DepositFiles
Part 2: DepositFiles
Part 3: DepositFiles
Part 4: DepositFiles
Part 5: DepositFiles

  • Full Version + Slaves/Assistants/Minor Slaves Update as of 5-25-2012 = 3.08 GB!
  • Two compressed .zip folder. Dezip and play.
Part 1 FileFactory
Part 2 FileFactory

  • Torrent of M.I.A's version (the File Factory/most recent one)

2011-11-27 Slavemaker 3.2.05[edit]

  • This version is unstable/bugged. It is recommended to skip it for 3.2.06.
  • Upgrade from 3.2.04

2011-10-31 Slavemaker 3.2.04[edit]

  • Upgrade from 3.2.03

2011-10-24 Slavemaker 3.2.03[edit]

2011-07-24 Slavemaker 3.2.02[edit]

2011-06-28 Slavemaker 3.2.01[edit]

2011-06-26 Slavemaker 3.2.0[edit]

2010-12-15 Slavemaker 3.1.10c[edit]

2010-12-11 Slavemaker 3.1.10b[edit]

  • No links avaliable.

2010-10-31 Slavemaker 3.1.10a[edit]

  • Upgrade from 3.1.09d
    • No links avaliable.

2010-08-28 Slavemaker 3.1.09d[edit]

  • No links avaliable.

2010-08-05 Slavemaker 3.1.09b[edit]

  • No links avaliable.

2010-06-29 Slavemaker 3.1.08[edit]

  • No links avaliable.

2010-06-07 Slavemaker 3.1.06[edit]

2010-05-30 Slavemaker 3.1.05[edit]

  • No links avaliable.

2010-05-17 Slavemaker 3 v1.04[edit]

2010-05-02 Slavemaker 3 v1.03[edit]

  • Upgrade for 3 v1.02 version (Does not contain all the updates that the full install has)

2010-04-26 Slavemaker 3 v1.02[edit]

  • No links avaliable.

2010-04-25 Slavemaker 3 v1.01[edit]

  • Upgrade for existing 3 v1.0 version (200MB)

2010-04-20 Slavemaker 3 v1.0[edit]

3.0 Release Notes

Slavemaker 2[edit]

The 4Shared alternate site is maintained by the MasterBloodfer user windsongbard and usually has the latest update versions. Another 4Shared site is maintained for all other files.

The MediaFire alternate site is maintained by the MasterBloodfer user Nete and currently maintains an archive of all released 15.x versions.

2009-12-14 Yurika Special Update[edit]

  • No links avaliable.

2009-11-25 Shampoo Special Update[edit]

2009-11-05 v15.8[edit]

15.8 Release Notes

2009-11-01 v15.7[edit]

15.7 Release Notes

2009-10-29 v15.6[edit]

15.6 Release Notes

The 15.6 update is only valid for existing 15.5 installations. The developer has marked 15.6 as a 'beta-ish' release.

  • No links avaliable.

2009-10-22 v15.5[edit]

15.5 Release Notes

  • No links avaliable.

2009-10-16 v15.4[edit]

  • No links avaliable.


  • No links avaliable.


  • No links avaliable.

Slave Builder[edit]


3rd Party Content/Add Ons[edit]

Additional content can be found on the Add Ons page.

Slavemaker (Revised)[edit]

Slavemaker (Original)[edit]