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This template generates the tables and descriptions for a Slave page for version 3. It uses sub-templates to create tables with variable number of rows, which requires HTML tables to work properly. Do not change any HTML tables to wiki tables.

You can leave any parameter blank if you don't know its value or there is no value. It will default to ? or appropriate blank value.


|Name = slave name; omit this parameter to default to page name
|Image = slave image.png
|From = where she's from
|Days = number
|Creator = who created this slave
|Version = version number that this slave first appeared in

|description = short character description
|training requirements = description of requirements for this girl to show up in the slave market
|special stats = {{v3link|link to stat 1}}, {{v3link|link to stat 2}}, ...
|special actions = {{v3link|link to action 1}}, {{v3link|link to action 2}}, ...
|special others = {{v3link|link 1}}, {{v3link|link 2}}, ...
|extra info = bullet points about gameplay events and issues

|costume 1 name = name
|costume 1 effects = bullet points of costume effects
|costume 1 price = number
|costume 2 name = same as above for the rest of the parameters
|costume 2 effects =
|costume 2 price =
|costume 3 name =
|costume 3 effects =
|costume 3 price =
|costume 4 name =
|costume 4 effects =
|costume 4 price =
|costume 5 name =
|costume 5 effects =
|costume 5 price =
|costume 6 name =
|costume 6 effects =
|costume 6 price =
|extra costume code = code for adding extra rows to the costumes table (see Belldandy or Rei page for examples)

|Charisma = number
|Sensibility = same as above for the rest of the parameters
|Refinement =
|Intelligence =
|Morality =
|Constitution =
|Cooking =
|Cleaning =
|Conversation =
|Blowjob =
|Fuck =
|Temperament =
|Nymphomania =
|Obedience =
|Libido =
|Tiredness =
|Joy =
|Reputation =
|start special stat = {{v3link|link to special stat}}
|start special stat value = number
|Gold = number

|Base Obedience Exhib = number
|Base Obedience XXX = same as above for the rest of the parameters
|Base Obedience Sleazy Bar =
|Base Obedience Brothel =
|Base Obedience XXX Contest=
|Base Obedience Lick =
|Base Obedience Blowjob =
|Base Obedience 69 =
|Base Obedience Threesome =
|Base Obedience Touch =
|Base Obedience Anal =
|Base Obedience Fuck =
|Base Obedience Masturbate =
|Base Obedience Tits-Fuck =
|Base Obedience Lesbian =
|Base Obedience Cum Bath =
|Base Obedience Orgy =
|Base Obedience Gang-Bang =
|Base Obedience Bondage =
|Base Obedience Kiss =
|Base Obedience Dildo =
|Base Obedience Plug =
|Base Obedience Striptease =
|Base Obedience Pony =
|Base Obedience Naked =
|Base Obedience Spank =
|Base Obedience Master =
|Base Obedience Lend =

|assistant image = assistant image.jpg
|assistant info = text to show in assistant section


Example of template with all parameters blank, on gray background, and skipping categorization:

From: ?

Duration: ? days

Created by: ?
Since Version: ?

V3-SlaveInfo/Sandbox is one of the Slaves that you can train in the game.

Training Requirement: None

Special Statistics: None

Special Actions: None

Other Specials: None

Name Effects Price / Requirement
name ? GP


No Image.jpg

If you get the Bought Back Ending or accepted her Love confession, then she will be available as an assistant, with special effects, when you train other slaves. Like other slave assistants, she costs nothing to become your assistant.

She has no effects as an assistant.

This line is example of text added outside the template