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The Barge is one of eleven different options for housing a player must choose between after creating their slave-maker but before training their first slave.

In Game Description[edit]

A moderate size river barge, small enough to navigate small rivers and canals, sturdy enough for limited coastal sailing. Can be horse drawn, but mostly using sail or oars for propulsion. Compact spacing makes it a limited but intimate place to live.

You will start with ropes to use for your slaves. The central location will shorten your walks and fatigue her less. Moderate upkeep.

Effects and Special Events[edit]

  • Costs 5 gold each day in upkeep
  • Start with Bondage Gear and silk ropes (Bondage gives an extra +1 Sensibility).
  • +1 Love and -1 Tiredness per day.
  • The Barge is moveable and can be relocated in the city (to be implemented)