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A list of known breast expansion events, temporarily organized here for those interested.

  • The experimental Uninhibitory Drug may have this effect.
  • A catslave on the beach, only if currently in catslave training.
  • Meigura's wish for Beauty
  • The first visit with Count Gossem
  • A second visit with Count Gossem, only available once per campaign. Switching to Sandbox mode after getting it in campaign will not make it available again.
  • After the second BE event with the Count, escaping bandits in the forest by going Right and then doing:
    • eat then drink then rest gives 1 cup size increase
    • eat then eat then drink then rest gives 2 cup size increase and a tease about milking
    • eat then eat then eat then drink then rest gives 3 cup size increase and a tease about milking
    • drink then eat then rest and the slaves breasts expand after returning home.
  • Milking temporarily increases bust size as long as it's sustained regularly, leaves a minor increase after drug wears off.
  • Eating the gem after rescuing fairies from the Farm can have this effect.
  • Possible effect of assistant Aeris "Milk Her" nighttime action (possibly once per campaign.)

Slave specific:

  • Aeris can have increases from using Nymph Magic in daytime rests, during Tits-Fuck, while drinking milk potions, or while milking Bess.
  • Peach will increase 1 inch per Black Mushroom eaten.