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Demon Hunting Walkthrough...[edit]

The Red Devil Mansion is the home of Mistress Scarlet, a violently sadistic vampiric-succubus. The mansion is located outside the city walls of Mardukane, on the west side of the city. The district is sparsely populated with only a few farms and almost no governance. It's the perfect place for Mistress Scarlet to operate almost unnoticed.

Scheduling Slave Maker walks through the Farms and Forest areas will unlock encounters with local peasants who paint a picture of the Red Devil Mansion as a haunted building that locals actively avoid. They also tell stories about how sightings of Mistress Scarlet are always followed by people mysteriously disappearing. In fact, if Slave Maker schedules a walk through either the Farms or Forest on a Full Moon night, she will experience a Mistress Scarlet sighting for herself.

The Demon Hunter Chore[edit]

Ultimately, the player will want to attack and defeat Mistress Scarlet. This can only be done by performing the Demon Hunting chore. 'Demon Hunting' is a reference to Sakuya's former job as a Demon Hunter for the Church in Firee. However success is only possible if certain preconditions are set.

1. Obtain the magical Lunar Watch. Sakuya used the watch to help her even the odds against demonic opponents in Firee. However the watch was taken from her when she was captured by bandits and brought to Mioya to be sold into slavery. The watch cannot be used by anyone else, but in Sakuya's hands it gives her a magical ability to throw dozens of knives at multiple targets within seconds. Sakuya will not attack Mistress Scarlet without the watch. This watch can be obtained during visit to the slums

How done?

The Slave Maker must personally supervise Walks in the Slums.

2. Sakuya must be armed. This is not required for Demon Hunting. An assumption is made that Sakuya will be armed during the assault on the Mansion but nowhere else. However, always being armed is useful against the bandits who will attempt to ambush Sakuya in the Town Center and Slums. Mistress Scarlet originally hired Bandits to kidnap Sakuya. She was a tougher than expected opponent and killed several of her attackers. The survivors of the gang now want revenge. Being armed will allow more favorable encounter result during street ambushes.

How done?

The Slave Maker will allow Sakuya to permanently arm herself the morning after he accepts her declaration of Love.

3. Activating the Demon Hunter Chore button. A specific sequence must be followed for the Demon Hunter chore button to become visible.

How Done?

a. Conversation with your Slaves. Schedule a talk with Meiling. Keep scheduling conversations until she tells you: "I think I can trust you..." Follow her instructions about meeting at a temple.

b. Personally supervise Acolyte job. This action will enable the Slave Maker and Meiling to have a conversation that is not monitored by Mistress Scarlet. Meiling will reveal background information Scarlet and invite you to attack her employer when she is at her most vulnerable (i.e., during the day time).

c. Personally supervise walks in Slums. The Slave Maker must personally supervise walks in the Slums until a pawn shop is encountered. Buy Sakuya her watch when given the opportunity. The Demon Hunter chore button will never be activated without the dual combination of the Lunar Watch and Meiling's invitation to attack Scarlet.

d. Turn off the Mansion Defensive Spell. Once access to the Red Devil Mansion is possible, the player will discover that the main building seems empty. This is due to a spell that must be deactivated. Gaining access to the Clock Tower will provide the means for turning off the protective spell and allowing the Slave Maker the chance to interact with the Mansion household and attack Mistress Scarlet herself.

4. Gather allies. Attacking the Red Devil Mansion without armed allies guarantees failure. There are several optional allies and you need at least the first four listed. The following indicates the possible allies you can collect and the order you should approach them.

How done?

a. Yumeko - Schedule Sakuya for the Dojo Job. After 17 visits to the Dojo, Yumeko the bodyguard-maid will agree to be a fighting ally.

b. Barn Cat - During the Demon Hunter chore, explore the Gardens. Once in the Gardens visit the Barn where you will encounter Barn Cat. Feed her milk and she will give you a silver key that allows you access to the Clock Tower. (The Tower is where the Slave Maker can turn off the protective spell that makes the Mansion seem empty of all people.) Making friends with Barn Cat is also important if you want to find the gold key to the secret tunnel that connects directly to Mistress Scarlet's room.

c. Kasen - During the Demon Hunter chore, explore the South Wing. Recruiting Kasen will give you a fighting ally and a guide who can reveal additional information about the mansion. Go to the Parlor and examine the window. You will discover you can reach other rooms by walking along the exterior window ledges. Agree to walk along the ledge and enter the first empty room you reach. Use Sakuya to search the empty bedroom and she will find an entrance to a secret passageway behind the wall. The passage is lined with spy holes that look into other rooms. Keep checking spy holes until you look into a room occupied by a red headed slave with a bandaged right arm. This is Kasen. If you find her alone in the peep show room, she will become an ally after you ask her to tell you her name. You will need to ask her to repeat her name a second time. If you find her having sex with two mercenaries, you must enter the room and attack the men.

d. Parsee - During the Demon Hunter chore, explore the West Wing Dungeon. Explore the cells in the dungeon until you encounter Parsee, an elven concubine. Parsee will volunteer to fight with you. She is also armed with a crowbar which can prove useful if you manage to find the secret tunnel entrance into Mistress Scarlet's room.

e. Patchouli - During the Demon Hunter chore, explore the West Wing Library. If a general alarm has been sounded, it will not be possible to recruit the Sorceress, also known as Patchouli Knowledge. You will be forced to fight her in the West Wing hallway. However it you manage to sneak into the library, it is possible to recruit her help. Hide in the library and watch Patchouli work and have sex with her assistant. Refrain from attacking her. Ask Sakuya for her opinion whenever the option appears. Eventually, Sakuya will suggest that you allow her to 'handle everything' - make sure to agree to this. Sakuya will interact with Patchouli and have tea with her. If the player has already interacted with Yuyuko the ghost, Patchouli will reveal how to cut Yuyuko's attachment to the mansion. Eventually, Patchouli will offer a bargain. Accept her conditions and she will provide the glass key required to open the door into Mistress Scarlet's bedroom.

5. Capture Scarlet's Allies. You can weaken Mistress Scarlet by removing some of her allies from play prior to the final fight. Any ally you capture can be sold for gold upon successful conclusion of your attack. Note that most fights will raise an alarm and cause the player to loose any element of surprise. This will alter the activity of residents and guests at the Red Devil Mansion. This is the complete list and notes about enemies that can be fought at the mansion:

a. Demon Hound in the Clock Tower. Attacking the Demond Hound does not cause the Mansion to go on alert.

b. Shikigami Servants in the North Wing Dungeon. Attacking the servants does not raise an alarm and gives you prisoners to later sell as slaves.

c. Marisa the Witch in the South Wing Guest Rooms. Attacking Marisa does not raise an alarm. She can be surprised by climbing the window ledge accessed by the window at the end of the Guest Room Hallway in the South Wing.

d. Youmu the Gardener in the Garden Carriage House. Note that returning to the Carriage House after the fight will allow the player to search the Carriage House and find syringes of Potion 6. Obtaining this drug gives the player a chance to drug Mistress Scarlet in her sleep.

e. Chef (Nine-tailed Fox) in the North Wing Kitchen. Note that returning to Kitchen after the fight allows the player a chance to find the golden key that allows access to the secret entrance to Mistress Scarlet's room.

f. Sanae the Dungeon Mistress in the West Wing Dungeon. Note that Sanae can only be found and fought if the intruder alarm has been sounded.

g. Seiga the Necromancer in the Garden's Secret Tunnel. Seiga can only be fought after the mansion is put on alert. She is found in the Secret Tunnel accessed through the Garden's Graveyard.

h. Komachi, Tenshi and Yorihime in the Mistress Scarlet anteroom. These three mercenary fighters can only be fought if the player gains the glass keys that gives access to Mistress Scarlet's Room through the West Wing. The player is forced to fight all three fighters in sequence without a health reset - although if you fight the correct opponent, you will get a shortcut and only fight one opponent prior to accessing Mistress Scarlet.

i. Mistress Scarlet in the West Wing. Scarlet can be attacked in her daytime refuge one of two ways. Either through the West Wing Hallway (frontal attack) or through the Garden Graveyard secret tunnel (sneak attack). The frontal attack requires the most fighting and requires the glass key that can be obtained from ally Patchouli. The sneak attack can be executed only if you obtain the gold key from the defeated kitchen chef. If the player has a syringe of potion 6, there is a chance that Mistress Scarlet can be subdued without a fight. Otherwise a major battle must be fought. If the battle goes badly the player must retreat. She will have the option of escape to the front door or retreat to either the West Wing library or dungeon. Escaping the building will not defeat Scarlet but it will cause her to evacuate the Mansion and cease to be a factor in Sakuya's training. A last stand in the Library or dungeon will either result in victory for the Slave Maker or cause defeat. You will have to guess which option is better.

Bad Ends[edit]

It is possible for the Sakuya module to come to a premature bad end. Certain actions in the mansion will result in death for the Slave Maker and torture and sexual servitude for Sakuya.

1. Window Ledge. Some window ledges are prone to breaking. Do not press your luck.

2. Demon Hounds. Failure to close the portal in the Clock Tower will allow demon hounds to help defend Mistress Scarlet. If the demon hounds were not previously defeated they will kill the Slave Maker if she escapes the fight in Mistress Scarlet's bedroom and exits the building.

Spoils of War[edit]

Defeating and capturing Mistress Scarlet provides several worthwhile benefits. The Slave Maker will be able to choose between...

1. Keeping the mansion for herself. Actually this is a decoy. Local farmers take revenge on Mistress Scarlet by looting and burning down the building before you can move in.

2. Give the Mansion to Patchouli the Sorceress. This is an honorable outcome if Patchouli gives you the glass key that opens the door to Mistress Scarlet's room. In return, Patchouli will pledge to make herself available as a free assistant during future training. She will bring many valuable special benefits such as significant potion discounts and bonuses to intelligence, refinement training. Note, this will only be activated with the version 3.0 release of Sakuya.

3. Give the Mansion to the Church. Currently this will activate a sexual Domination story vignette. It will also result in some one time modifications to Slave Maker stats. (Arousaldef -10, Lust -10, Corruption -60, Renown +5, Nymphomania -5)

4. Give the Mansion to the Lord. This will obligate the appreciative Lord of Mioya to give the Slave maker 1 rank of nobility. The Slave Maker will also have the opportunity to accept the offer of an appointment as Sheriff of the Western March. The Marches are the administrative districts just outside the walls of Mardukane. The Western March is poor and small. Rejecting the appointment reduces Slave Maker renown by 10 points. Accepting the appointment increases renown by 5 points. As Sheriff, the player will occasionally be in the early morning and asked to perform duties of office that can take away from training time. Occasionally, these tasks will result in minimal earning of gold.