PPP Upcoming: Penguin’s Memory

Finally got that big shipment from Japan, so I’m off to the races.

A penguin suffers PTSD from serving in totally not Vietnam. No, seriously, that’s what its about. It rides a weird line between cute and grim. Tonally, it kinda reminds me of Saber Marionette R, of all things.

Still alive and stuff

Hi! I haven’t captured any video the past month or two. I kinda damaged my computer’s motherboard, actually. It was real stupid. I have things up and running, if a tad jury-rigged. I started to capture Mahjong Quest, only it turns out it isn’t an OVA, its a 45 minute “letsplay” committed to laserdisc for some reason. I’m going on a vacation shortly, but when I come back I’ll find something to capture…

Next up for Piyo-Piyo Productions:

A private project! So there!

After that… I’m not sure yet. At some point I’ll have a set of LDs arriving from Japan that are being sent to me for capture, but that hasn’t happened yet.

I have a bunch of random OVAs kicking around though. And really, I should re-capture some of my earliest stuff at some point, as I’ve gotten a lot better. I also want to revisit To-Y now that I know the dark secrets of SMDegrain, which allowed me to handle Nine.

Time spent on Nine

Still working on this shit!

So, the one filter I had to use takes around 1 hour per one MINUTE of footage. Each episode of Nine is over a little over an hour in length. So, we’re talking about roughly 210 hours of filtering on that one phase alone. The IVTC process takes maybe 5-6 hours per episode. The anti-aliasing pass takes a little over ten hours. The fourth pass of filtering is trimming, resizing, and light denoising, which is another 3-4 hours. Then comes two-pass encoding. I’m not entirely sure how long it takes, because the time estimate swings pretty wildly in the early phases, and I run it overnight and while I’m away at work, but let’s say it takes maybe a dozen hours each in total.

So, I’m going to estimate that Nine 1-3 took around 300 hours to filter and encode.

I didn’t work on it much during the holidays, but I’m almost there now!

Nine, Nine, OMG Nine

Fuckin’ my computer, breaking my mind

This has turned out to be a tricky one. I’m still working on Nine. I had to get some outside help to learn how to deal with its cross-chroma issues. It works, but its SUPER slow, and I had to chop each special up into 15-minute chunks to get it through. So… probably won’t happen before the end of the year.

PPP upcoming: Nine movie/specials

I have zero interest in IRL baseball, but I like baseball anime. So far I’ve seen both Touch and Princess Nine, and I liked them a lot. Enough so that I actually tried to watch real baseball on TV after watching Touch. Oh my God, it was so boring. I don’t get it.

Nine (not of the “Princess” variety”) was an early work of Adachi Mitsusu (of the “Touch” variety). It was never made into a full TV series like Touch was, though. Instead, it was made into three TV specials. The first special was patched up and re-released as a movie. Any good? Beats me, never seen them, but I do own them as a laserdisc boxset. They don’t appear to have been reissued on DVD, which I find quite surprising.

In any event, Orphan has a translator lined up and ready to go!

Unfortunately, this has bad cross-chroma noise issues, and I’m not having a lot of luck resolving them.

Piyo Piyo Productions presents: Wolf Guy 1-3 (INCOMPLETE)

Piyo Piyo Productions presents:

Wolf Guy 1-3 (INCOMPLETE)


Project notes:

Orphan Fansubs asked me to capture this: Unfortunately, I only have the first half of the series at this time. They are obtaining 4-6 from elsewhere.

I actually did this a few weeks ago, but didn’t want to keep delaying the third batch of Miracle Girls, so I delayed the release of this until now.

Raw max bitrate DVD included for archival purposes.

Piyo Piyo Productions presents: TWD Express – Rolling Takeoff

Piyo Piyo Productions presents:

TWD Express – Rolling Takeoff


Project notes:

This was a bit of a mess. The tl;dr version: Badly made disc was destroyed while capturing it.

Most anime laserdiscs were made by a handful of companies. Some of the more prominent once you may have seen include VAP Video, Emotion, Sony, Pioneer, and Columbia. Everyo once in a while though, you’ll come across discs made by weird fly-by-night companies. For example, Condition Green was made by “Super Home Screen,” who did a really good job. TWD is made by “Shochiku Video Disc,” who did a fairly bad job.

I have never seen a title that had as much aliasing as this. Like, anything that isn’t a perfectly straight line is completely jagged. Oh, I fixed it, mostly. I just don’t know how you DO that to begin with. Severe cross-chroma noise (“rainbows”), which I was not 100% successful in knocking out. A case of the jitters, again, not 100% corrected. It has similar “line glimmer” problems like Nora did, though not as bad. Maybe that was a common problem with mid-80s material? Amazingly, no laser rot that I noticed, so I’ll give them points there.

In any event, I finished the capture, and when I removed the disk from the player, the disc sundered.

LDs are kinda like two giant CDs glued together. If they are made properly, they should outlive you or I. This disc was, clearly, NOT properly made. The two layers split apart. I kinda stuck them back together, but I don’t down dust got in there, which will absolutely cause rot to begin. Not that I would ever risk putting it into a player again.

Raw max bitrate DVD included for archival purposes.

Piyo-Piyo Productions notifications

At one point I had a separate webpage, with a separate instance of WordPress, for my subtitling efforts. That kinda fell apart, and I decided it would be better for me to focus, for now, on ripping endangered anime titles off of laserdisc while I still can. I’ve decided to post my release here on the main page, because why the hell not?

Gundams I Have Known and Loved (or not)

I’ve had the Gundam franchise on my mind from playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn, and it has finally prompted me to finally begin watching Gundam Seed. So, here’s all the Gundam I have seen in my lifetime with very brief thoughts:

  • Mobile Suit Gundam – A true classic, and with good reason. Some fruity mech designs, but otherwise quite excellent. Its hard to believe it was actually cancelled – the ending doesn’t feel rushed.
  • Zeta Gundam – Another classic. Its a dark mirror of the original series and a personal favorite. I fansubbed the first half of the series in the pre-digital days, so you know I love that shit.
  • Double Zeta Gundam – This series is an absolute insult, and I was insulted. Once I saw Bright reduced to defending the Ahgama with oranges, I was fucking done. Only saw the first four episodes, will not ever watch more.
  • Char’s Counterattack – Great movie, but it requires you to be familiar with the events of the original and Zeta to get the full impact. I think it still works on its own merits otherwise, though.
  • Gundam F-91 – Starts well, gets more compressed as time moves on. Could have been great as a TV or OVA series, but as a movie, not great. Intriguing, though, there were some interesting ideas on display.
  • Victory Gundam – Covered elsewhere in detail on this site. TL;DR version: Don’t waste your time.
  • Gundam 0080 – Another favorite. It leads you along for the first four episodes, and then shoves you off a cliff. Also features character designs by my favorite artist.
  • Gundam 0083 – Decent enough plot, decent enough action. Falls completely apart on the character level. Kou is boring as shit. Gato is a tin soldier. Why Nina has an interest in these two blockheads is a mystery – she comes across pretty dopey for somebody who is supposed to be some sort of genius. Can’t quite recommend.
  • Gundam 8th MS Team – Contains SERIOUS ret-conning. If the Federation had ONE team of Gundams – nevermind EIGHT of them – the war would have ended in a week. So right off the bat I was soured to it. What I saw reminded me of Votoms, but not anywhere near as good or interesting. I think I may have watched 2-3 episodes? It was so unmemorable that I don’t even remember how much I watched.
  • G Gundam – I went in with no expectations of liking this, and my expectations were met. Bailed after two episodes, no interest.
  • Gundam Wing – Plenty of plot holes, plenty of plot armor, and Operation Meteor is like the dumbest plan ever. The series is carried by its characters, who are a fairly insane and colorful lot. Entertaining overall, but it isn’t the best Gundam series around.
  • Gundam X – The best intro to any Gundam series I have seen – VERY powerful. Unfortnately, it quickly pissed all of my good will away. Garoad is an awful protagonist. Once you get past the first six episodes, what little plot there was is out the window. This series earned its cancellation. I bailed after episode 8.
  • Turn-A Gundam – Beautiful soundtrack, amazing designs, unique steampunk-ish aesthetic. Unfortunately, there is, as near as I can tell after ten episodes, little in the way of plot, and the characters are all intensely stupid. People love this one, and I wanted to as well, but I do not get it.