Squeeze me ’till I’m Wheezy

I set up my server running Debian 6 (Squeeze), but it was nearing the end of its life at the time.  But Debian 7 (Wheezy) wasn’t ready at the time.  Now Wheezy is out.  I’ve made a few shots at a smooth upgrade – but it was a failure.  It broke email, and it broke web pages – you know, the two things I set otakubell.com up for.

I did successfully get a fresh install of Wheezy with web and email working in Virtualbox, so that’s a good sign.  I’m thinking at this point I might back up all of the data (compressed, we’re talking 3gb of web file and 8gb of database, plus a few hundred megs of email), wipe the entire server, setup up Wheezy fresh, and reinstall the data.  But boy is that shit ever time-consuming, and I do not have time right now.

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