Priceangels sucks

If there’s one thing I well and truly enjoy, it is cutting off my nose to spite my face.

I ordered something from, who shipped it from China in a cheap paper bubblewarp envelope.  The envelope was torn open, as was the box it contained, and my item was missing.  Priceangel’s position was that, since I had signed for the package there was nothing they could do.  Two problems with that:  1) I signed for NOTHING, and 2) I’d have no way to know the package was damaged until I HAD signed for it (which I didn’t) and had the package handed to me.

Had I payed by credit card I’d have just reversed the charges, but they don’t take credit card, they just take paypal.  Good news:  Paypal agrees I’m owned a refund.  Bad news:  I had to send the remnants of my package back to China.  It took me 30+ minutes in the post office to do so, and it cost me just over 50% of the value of the item.

So, I only get half of my money back, but Priceangels gets nothing.  The only winner here is the post office.  Take THAT, face!


King Bhumibol Adulyadej (अतुल्यतेज भूमिबोल) sucks fat cocks.

And Surachai Nilsang gives it to King Bhumibol Adulyadej in the ass.

Come get me, bitches.


I’ve decided to be a little less secretive/enigmatic with some of my pages.  Some of is still private though…