15.5 Release Notes

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  • Incorrect number of actions after parties
  • Walk action cost 50G
  • Rei exorcism events could be overridden by contests
  • some graphics and text tweaks
  • Small dickgirl issue for Belldandy
  • end game text problem for Rei
  • end game backgrounds missing
  • better button layout for lesbian acts


  • Option to disable Incest events (a party event and slave pens, more to come for Akane and Ranma)
  • Option to have Bad Ends (off by default) - some loss events will end the game with some new scenes and graphics
  • tentacle abductions
  • zombies
  • Rei Spider woman
  • Rei Frogmen
  • more will follow as the girls are updated
  • Slave Market option - Complete - ends training immediately
  • Penalties for dating events reduced for Old Faith