15.6 Release Notes

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  • a lot, a lot, of low level changes, mainly to do with shortcut keys
  • various bug fixes and some small changes
  • Includes fixes for Shampoo, Ranma and Rei for image and text issues
  • additional changes for SDK/Slave Girl development support

Changes/New Features SPOILER ALERT

  • Tailors a little different, added uniforms
  • Swimsuit - note refers to beach, wait for the next release
  • Maid Uniform
  • Changed introduction screens
  • Title font now used for a few additional places/buttons
  • Some image updates
  • new Lord image - note Akane will be updated for compatibility
  • new Old Lover image - still Happosai, but a better image
  • female Slave Maker avatar 1 changed from Rider to a witch