15.7 Release Notes

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  • Occasional xxx contest being impossible, note only fixed for new games
  • a small image issue
  • introduction text problem for Ranma
  • male slavemaker milking confrontation after effects
  • Also an issue for the male demon rescue for Rei


  • Science and Poetry Books can be read twice, each time for a reduced effect. On normal difficulty 3 points each time for a total of 6, instead of previous total of 5 (the increase because it now takes 2 actions)
  • anal sex is less crude
  • New graphics for hostess of high class party, and a person who offers to buy your slave
  • New/Extended event, with Bad Ending - When your slave is cured of the milk drug you confront the farmer. If Bad Ends are on in options then you can get one. For Male slave makers something special happens, with a permanent effect if Bad Ends are not on.