15.8 Release Notes

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  • Maid Uniform was too effective
  • Maid Ending did not work
  • Leash worked incorrectly for some
  • Some Yes/No buttons did not disappear
  • Forget it option in Slave Maker training did the wrong thing
  • Some shortcut code altered to help french key layout
  • a couple of text and background fixes
  • Milking issue with new event fixed
  • Fixed a ponygirl awareness issue
  • Spiked Bracelet button in the equipment screen was broken
  • Cheat button was in debug mode
  • version number on title screen was not updated
  • a milking issue in the wait path of the new event fixed
  • text issue with questions overlaying the text
  • ponygirl awareness issue.

Small Changes

  • Lesbian girl new image
  • additional image for XXX school owner
  • all shortcuts now refactored. please be aware of possible issues
  • More people appear in main window instead of small assistant window
  • F1-F8 load game 1-8, valid always, event at night
  • Ctrll F1-F8 save to game 1-8, valid during the day time (ie before last day