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The following is from the author's blog:

Finally here is the new version, Slave Maker 3 Version 0

This version considerably changes gameplay and adds a lot more potential for developers, like twins, males and more. The main changes are

1) Totally revised campaign system where a) girls are trained once b) may only be trained when you have a sufficient reputation c) girls that are bought back/get love ending may be retained and used as assistants. They have some effects in training too, more to come d) there is a 'Sandbox' mode that ignored all these restrictions. You cannot change modes without starting a new slave maker

2) Actions and planning are time based. All actions take x hours (1 or 2 mainly) a) actions can be queued in any of 3 lists that are remembered from day to day b) 2 new jobs and some others altered c) all actions like shopping, visiting, take a walk must be planned and take time d) lend action works differently

3) 2 new houses and 11 new backgrounds. Please note Houses cannot be explored in this version. A lot of aspects of the new backgrounds (eg tentacle hybrid bits, many negative aspects) are not implemented yet.

4) New location to walk in, the Beach, Where your slave can take swimming lessons with a swimming instructor who seems interested in your slave maker. Mermaids frequent the beach and other odd beings

5) Some revised stories and 2 new Bad-Ends

6) Encounter with Furries (can be disabled in options)

7) Slaves and Slave Makers have skills They can help or hinder training. Note singing will not advance, yet. Also beaware your first slave is unlikely to get advanced trainings or endings due to your low skills, but you can learn

8) Assistants can do more than look pretty Hild has special events that happen when she is your assistant, more will follow

9) Most girls are unchanged except Some graphics changes, more dickgirl dresses, breast expansion versions, but a) Akane has a new milking story. Also slightly expanded end and reward if you sell her to the Lord b) Ranma has her Shampoo love story fleshed out a bit, but only when she is trained with Shampoo as the assistant

To install and play - extract the files below (a spanned archive) into a folder of your choice. Note there are subfolders now - to play run SlaveMaker3.exe or SlaveMaker3.swf