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Slavemaker 3.3.04[edit]

  • There is a bug with minor slave Cora: she will tell you about your slave pregnancy every morning, wasting every other daily event, even contests and owner tests.
  • There is a bug with primary slave Ryo where, upon completion of his training, choosing the "bought back"(and possibly love) ending causes all primary slaves after Ryo to be owned by Owner-sama. This means that a freelance Slave Maker is subject to the time constraints of a Guild member. Also, in the "Talk to your slaves" menu, Ryo's name is fused with the name of your primary slave (ex. Peach,Ryo) and the indicator of sex/sexuality constantly twitches between Ryo's and your primary slave's.

Slavemaker 3.3.03[edit]

  • During training you can not lend her to Tirana
  • Special Contests do not appear at all,(Wonder nurse, Cosplay, Martial Arts). Visit does not work either, but only with special persons, like with the Sorceress in Peach's training.
  • Cock Size gets smaller at the beginning of each new girl's training. e.g. You choose 'large' cock size at creation in the tab it list your cock as being 8.9 inches, once done with training and you select a new girl the tab now says cock size as being 8.5 inches.

Slavemaker 3.3.00[edit]

  • When you talk to one of your slaves, and initiate intimacy, at the next screen which shows the results of the intimacy, if you select to see slave stats 2, you will find your original slaves's stats whether you are doing an action with her or not.
  • With Bulma the 7-Star and the 3-Star ball are unobtainable for me.
  • After the event with Benten with Urd 400 gold must be paid daily (if scripted edit this out)

Slavemaker 3.2.06[edit]

  • The "Stalked by tentacles" quest - after the encounter with the fairy at the bar you are given a choice of gender, you always become a dickgirl regardless of what you have chosen, this is due to the fact that the code to change your gender back are not entered into the xml, so no matter what you choose nothign will change.
  • The same quest - after killing the tentacles in your home the game hangs up, after looking in the XML this aer because almost the entire script for that segment are marked as <TO DO!> in the XML, not sure exactlywhy that is there.
    • (It's possible to disable this quest/chain of events called 'Tentacle Raid' by removing it in the Events.txt)
  • If the slave goes to work at the Sleasy Bar while naked, she will be made to do striptease.

Some of the 3rd person slaves with special endings are gamebreaking

  • If Morrigan hits 100 in her Power stat you'll be stuck fighting her until doomsday and no matter what you do her power stat won't decrease, meaning your stuck fighting a Morrigan that even with plate mail can 4 hit kill you on all but You Win difficulty, and even if you win the Holy Binding are bugged causing your money to fall to 0 then they'll subtract the cost for the binding, without reducing power, afte that you'll have to fight Morrigan again, and on top of that if you simply sell her to get on with the game you'll be stuck in an infinite look on the Bad End ending.
    • The fight takes precedence every day and forces you into the next day segment, where the event will trigger again if ther power are still 100 meaning you'll have tobeat her twice, then on the following morning you'll have time for 1 single event of your choice if you win before you have to fight Morrigan twice again, and this are only if you win, if you lose you will get a white screen, some bugged writing and no Next button, forcing a reaload.
  • Also Katara have an even where she gets into a fight, and if she win there will be a point in the script where it does not supply a Next button, forcing you to reload.
    I found you can hit the planning tab to access the menus to continue day without reloading

The following bugs I have had happen, no idea why they happened though.

Another bug, this time with Orihime, played over 400 days with only visiting areas while being cursed and wearing teh demon dress, not a single shdow encounter and I ran into matsumoto only once.

The script about the nins work as it should though

'Also every so often I end up with my potion list ending up as UNDEFINED and showing me as owning every single potion, even those I have never aquiered, none of them can be used and buying more does not fix the issue.

'Apperantly I have trained 100 cumsluts after just finishing up my first playthrough with Shampoo.

'Once upon reloading because I accidently missed out on some text in an ending I stopped getting into the skill upgrade menu despite getting into it on that file just moments before.

Rei's corruption stat description shows in the text windo and not as a popup.

Inuhman ancestry are selectible by females, despite teh fact that the wiki shows it as a male only thing you can pick, suggest fixing and giving pure females a posibility for a demonic background too, as not everyone are into dickgirls.

a few places shows females as he.

Queen Menace's Enslaved by Menace Bad Ending fails to name the assistant at two occations, and seems to be missing some text at the beginning, as there are no explenation as to why you don't fight back at all at the very beginning of those events.

If you choose to Talk to Your Slaves at Night until the end of the night, there is a chance you won't be taken to the next day and will not be able to perform any additional training.

Slavemaker 3.2.05(.5)[edit]

  • With path 5to6v2.rar on 3.2.05 (3.2.06ish ???), some pictures on the choice of assistant are rotated (???), for me it's Sakuya, Cube, Hsien-Ko, Mugi, Rydia and Yoko
  • Look the picture (more easy) Yoko is rotated and on the picture of the other assistant (Weighted Companion Cube) every time, it's the 2° assistant (in the C case)
  • Weird. In my game all the pictures are here, but sometimes the one for Hild disappears. If I use her for one slave, the pic come back/reappears. --M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina) 00:38, 5 December 2011 (UTC)
    But why a function pictureRotated for this game :/ --Moat-Moat 00:58, 5 December 2011 (UTC) ah, yes, for position of equipement

Slavemaker 3.2.01[edit]

  • A way to get unlimited actions per day: In the Planning menu, schedule one action, any action. Then in the second action slot, select "Rest", for either 1 hour or 2 hours. Then move the mouse over the "Rest" action and click "Delete". This will cause the game to forget what the current time is, and allow you to schedule an unlimited number of actions that day, but only actions that don't need to be performed at a specific time of day. This trick is possible in both the morning and the evening planning sessions.

Slavemaker 3.1.10[edit]

  • While training Orihime, the 'yes/no' button of the Acolyte job (lead to the Nun Rape event) does not appears BUT the same button work well with the others events. It also happen with the 3.2.0 version.
  • While training Orihime, if you have her Preach using the button that replaces the Acolyte button (as opposed to the one that appears in its own column on the right), it triggers the nun rape scene as if you ordered her to work as an acolyte while cursed.

Slavemaker 3v1[edit]

  • Choosing the Lady in Waiting background (or possibly the nobility ability itself) causes a morning event where nobles try to take your slave unless you bribe them, to "pause" the game. There is no way to countinue other then quick loading, or closing the game and hoping you do not get that event again.
  • Naru's variant item thing is bugged and permanently subtracts the points additions of any items she's using from her maximum values. For example, I left the pony tail in twice, and with the "Cat tail" she ended up with a maximum lust of 90 (and a sensibility of 192 for some reason).
  • In the "Morning" screen keep selecting Naked during the first day of training and you can max out Temperament without any penalties. -bankenichi
  • During the Ayane escape event, I disarmed her and then won the fistfight through massive savescumming. Once I won the fistfight, it went to the screen where she "looks up at you with adoration" or such, but there were no selectable options to advance or leave the screen. Haven't reproduced, took damn near half an hour the first time. -Dicks 19:49, 22 April 2010 (UTC)
  • Ayane appears to be severely bugged. I finished off an entire game without getting her to change over to loyalty. She kept running away, but after the fight, the game stroked out. I also had quite a few times where nighttime events were happening in the daytime and such.
    • Also, during the "select where you'd like to search, lake or forest" screen, it seemed to randomize where you went. I always chose forest, but I ended up checking the lake first about half the time. -Dicks 19:51, 22 April 2010 (UTC)
  • I'm a little disappointed that despite going through several beta phases, none of the glaring grammatical errors were fixed. Okay, so I've never programmed in flash and I don't know how hard it is to go back and fix some text you may have programmed months ago, and I understand if you only have 10 people playing the beta or whatever they couldn't do a close reading of every line... I'm talking more about the introduction here. I've only played in campaign mode so far so I don't know if you get the same intro in sandbox mode but there are glaring spelling and grammatical errors starting on the very first screen. Thankfully they're not too prevalent throughout the rest of the game. Also I had something weird happen earlier today where I got second place in a contest and it said I won 700g. I know your slave gets most of that and you get a percentage (15% I think?) but instead shampoo got like 300 and I got like 150. I should've kept more careful track of amounts and I may have a save near it so I'll try to reproduce later but has anyone else seen something similar? -thestranger 21:00, 22 April 2010 (UTC). P.S. Is there a wiki/board code that posts current date/time? Sorry to ask here but I don't see a faq or anything.
  • If you follow the "zombies buy slave girl" quest to the ruins, there will be a "Next" option present during the fight with the zombies, and pressing it will trigger the next event of the day/night while still having you battle the zombies, taking damage and such, but being unable to react.
  • Version 3.04 (fixed in 3.1.05): After you finish a slave, you can get more skill points if you got a good result i.e. actually got a skillpoint to spend. At the finish screen go to the slave market (do not exit, does not work if you exit.)then save this will bring you back to the page before the finish page, this should have the system button only. Click that and then click complete and you just got the score, renown and skill point again. I've only tried this in campaign, so far it works every time. For those confused about the finish screen bit, its the one that saves with the word (after).
  • For those of us confused about the "gold cheat" (i.e. Me and others) all you have to do is click on the letter G in the word gold.
  • Removing ponygirl items via equipment screen at stables gives the "only pony girls and thier owners: you must leave" message, but no "leave" or "Next" button Idsaac 11:27, 23 May 2010 (UTC)

Version 2 15.8[edit]

  • When Orihime drinks the Nymph's Tears for the second time and afterward, it will show a blank screen. -seclife321
  • It is possible to take up a random slave, use the "gold cheat" to gain as much gold as needed, get a new slave from the slave market and only lose renown for returning the slave/"bad slave ending". The gold carries over, despite having a new slave, and any ending after switching slaves does not trigger "cheating ending". -Tenken0891
  • You can have nearly infinite actions. Just go into the planning screen and use Ctrl+F# key to save before you select all your actions for the day. This will cause the "Morning" and "Planning" buttons to appear on top of the "Leave" button. Now, you can select your actions, press the next button, and press "Planning" before the day ends to restart the day. Actions that trigger prompts (conversation) will remove the daytime buttons. -seclife321
  • Naru end at day 4 -RFC2795
  • If you receive the Cock Dildo from the lesbian before purchasing the regular V2:Dildo from the store, you will be unable to obtain any dildo in that play-through. What happens is the Cock Dildo does not go into your inventory, but the game removes the ability to buy a dildo from the store anyway; thus, one cannot buy a V2:Dildo, but one cannot obtain one any other way as the game has already registered you have received one from the lesbian. -Shynaku
  • Belldandy is supposed to be unable to be trained as a lesbian until she has decided to remain a mortal; however, training can start before choosing a path. If Belldandy has accepted the path of either the angel or demon, doing the V2:Tribadism Night Action will reset the training, causing V2:Cunnilingus and V2:Trib/Strap-on to be reset to zero. You cannot get both the lesbian and angel/demon V2:Endings, but if she accepts the path of an angel or demon and does not meet the requirements for their ending, you will get the lesbian ending alongside whatever general ending you otherwise receive. -Shynaku
  • If, while on the screen for selecting who to V2:Visit, you press b before meeting the V2:Barmaid elsewhere, you will still visit her. —Shynaku 12:21, 24 February 2010 (UTC)
  • When you achieve V2:cowgirl V2:General Ending, the ending scene is skipped and you go directly to "To get ending..." screen. It both happens on V2:Shampoo and V2:Akane. - (Anonymous) 23 March 2010
    • It seems that the ending does happen, but the scene passes too quickly without a pause so you cannot watch the scene...

Version 2 14.2[edit]

  • I experienced a bug while playing as a witch type female trainer in which the event in the slums where you meet the drug dealer showed reduced prices (in keeping with the "alchemy" advantage for the trainer type) but when I tried to buy a drug that I had enough money for, it said that I didn't have enough (presumably it checked the original price). I did not experience this at the regular shop, at least not with the energy draft, as I still bought it when I had about 115 gold (original price is 125, alchemy price somewhere in the double digits... should've left the program open :P) -thestranger