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SlaveMaker 3 SDK Gender

There are a series of functions and variables that are involved with the gender of your slave maker, slave girl and assistant

Core Variables[edit]

_root.SlaveGender - a slave's gender, default 2, her actual, permanent gender

0 = no gender/neutral gender
1 = male
2 = female
3 = dickgirl
4 = male twins
5 = female twins
6 = dickgirl twins

The same values also apply for servant and slave makers
Note no mixed twins (unless requested).

_root.SlaveGenderBorn - slave's gender at birth, values as above

_root.ServantGender - assistant's gender, default 2, her actual, permanent gender, as above for values

_root.Gender - Slave Maker's gender. Only values 1-3 are valid

_root.OldGender - Slave Maker's original gender. Only values 1-3 are valid

Class Slave[edit]

This class has a property SlaveGender for all slaves, assistants

eg: var sd:Slave = _root.GetSlaveDetails("Ranma");
if (sd.SlaveGender == 3) {
// Ranma is a dickgirl}

Core Functions[edit]

Gender Changes

ChangeSlaveGender function ChangeSlaveGender(gnd:Number, sd:Object)
Change your slave's gender to the specified value.
Updates all game areas and displays for the change


Class Slave version
var sd:Slave = _root.GetSlaveDetails("Ranma");
_root.ChangeSlaveGender(3, sd);

ChangeSlaveMakerGender function ChangeSlaveMakerGender(gnd:Number)
Change the Slave Maker's gender to the specified value, values 4+ are converted to a value 0-3

ChangeAssistantGender function ChangeAssistantGender(gender:Number)
Change the current assistant's gender to the specified value

See Slave Girl - Dickgirl Transformation.rtf for more information on temporary dickgirl changes.


There are a series of read only variables used by the core game.
These can be used for slave girls, mainly in the case where they are being used as an assistant.
Generally you know if your slave is a he or a she.

In general use the text macros like #slavehisher instead of these variable. See Core - Functions - Text.rtf

In future if female to male or male to female slave gender changes happen then these are more relevant.

All of these are for the current slave being trained (as always _root scope):

var SlaveHeShe:String;
var SlaveHeSheSingle:String;
var SlaveHeSheIs:String; eg she is or they are or he is
var SlaveHeSheHas:String; eg she has
var SlaveHimHer:String;
var SlaveHisHer:String;
var SlaveHisHerSingle:String; for female twins her, male twins his, otherwise his/her
var SlaveHimHerSingle:String;
var SlaveGirlGirls:String;
var SlaveBoyGirl:String;
var SlaveHeSheUC:String; eg He or She (ie uppercase first letter)
var SlaveFemale:Boolean;
var SlaveMeet:String; eg Ranma meets or Mara & Nara meet
var SlaveSee:String; eg Ranma sees or Mara & Nara see
var SlaveIs:String; eg Ranma is
var SlaveHas:String;

These are for the current assistant and basically the same as for your slave

var ServantHeSheSingle:String;
var ServantHeShe:String;
var ServantHeSheIs:String;
var ServantHeSheHas:String;
var ServantHimHer:String;
var ServantGirlGirls:String;
var ServantHeSheUC:String;
var ServantFemale:Boolean;
var ServantWoman:Boolean;
var ServantIs:String;

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