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SlaveMaker 3 SDK Owned Slaves

Owned Slaves[edit]

During the game you can purchase minor slaves and you can get the option to purchase the slave you are training to keep for yourself (Bought Back ending)

Slave Class[edit]

There are minor slaves, and bought back slaves and all are held in an Array()

var SlavesArray
The class Slave is (in a simplified form)
dynamic class Slave extends Object {
public var SlaveType:Number;
// -100 = untrained slave
// -20 = special participant
// -10 = slave in training
// -3 = sold slave
// -2 = special (not in use)
// -1 = slave maker assistant
// 0 = minor slave
// 1 = trained slave
public var Available:Boolean; // in the slave available to train
public var CanAssist:Boolean; // is the slave bought back
public var SlaveName:String;
public var SlaveGender:Number;
public var IntimacyOK:Boolean; // can the slave participate in sex actions
public var Price:Number; // their cost to purchase
public var LastEnding:Number;
public var Endings:Array;
public function CheckBitFlag1(flag:Number) : Boolean
public function SetBitFlag1(flag:Number)
public function ClearBitFlag1(flag:Number)
public function CheckAndSetBitFlag1(flag:Number) : Boolean
public function CheckBitFlag2(flag:Number) : Boolean
public function SetBitFlag2(flag:Number)
public function ClearBitFlag2(flag:Number)
public function CheckAndSetBitFlag2(flag:Number) : Boolean
public function SetGirlsVitals(sname:String, desc:String, bust:Number, waist:Number, hips:Number, age:Number, bloodtype:String, tall:Number, weight:Number)
public function SetBustSize(bust:Number)

Note Assistants are also held in this array (see member SlaveType)

Common Functions[edit]

function IsSlave(name:String)
Is the named person your current slave. Simplified telling where their name can change (ie Cumslut Kasumi or Kasumi)
if (_root.IsSlave("Kasumi")) {
   // she is your assistant
function IsSlaveAvailable(name:String)
Is the named person available for slave training. Part of a system where slaves can be hidden from training in a campaign mode
function IsSlaveOwned(name:String)
Is the named slave owned, ie a minor or bought back slave
function IsSlaveOwnedByIndex(idx:Number)
Is the named slave owned, ie a minor or bought back slave, by the index of SlavesArray, or PersonIndex value as used by Participants array.
Special values
-99 - assistant
-50 - current slave
function GetSlaveDetails(idx:Number) : Slave
returns the Slave class instance for the slave for the index value
Special values
-99 - assistant
-50 - current slave - NOTE: this value is READ ONLY
function IsSlaveOwned(slave:String) : Boolean
return true if the slave is owned
function SetSlaveOwned(slave:String)
The slave is now owned
function GetTotalSlavesOwned() : Number
returns the total slaves owned, both minor, excludes slave maker assistants
function GetTotalMaleSlavesOwned(sextype:Number, noassist:Boolean) :


sextype = the sex act you wish to use them for (see SlaveGirl - Sex Actions.rtf). 0 for no sex act
noassist = true, then exclude your assistant. default false
returns total male slaves owned who are willing to do the sex act, excludes slave maker assistants
function GetTotalFemaleSlavesOwned(sextype:Number, noassist:Boolean) :


sextype = the sex act you wish to use them for. 0 for no sex act
noassist = true, then exclude your assistant. default false
returns total female slaves owned who are willing to do the sex act, excludes assistants
function GetTotalDickgirlSlavesOwned(sextype:Number, noassist:Boolean)
sextype = the sex act you wish to use them for. 0 for no sex act
noassist = true, then exclude your assistant. default false
returns total dickgirl slaves owned who are willing to do the sex act, excludes assistants

Minor Slaves[edit]

There are 18 defined minor slaves in the game


0 - Ardala
"A rebelleous girl, born a hermaphrodite. She has been basically trained but resists her enslavement. She should be kept restrained when possible, and she seems to enjoy it a little. Despite her resistance she will fuck anyone asked to.\r\rYour other slaves will be a bit more open the bondage and if you own Ardana then you can order any sex act involving hermaprodites."
1 - Ell
"A captive of a rare and little known forest people, she is a very well-endowed hermaphrodite. She does not speak our language and resists learning it. Her large cock is very sensitive and her orgasms intensely strong. She is eager to do anything sexual, becoming erect easily and often, although care should be taken with her sheer size. She is of no use for non-sexual duties, refusing or not understanding.\r\rShe can be used for any sex act."
2 - Narry
"A girl blessed of Inari, a willing and eager slave. She will do anything you want, any duty, any sexual act. She is happy and pleasant but a bit of a slut. She has to be restrained from fucking or sucking her bound fellow captives, although does so for their mutual pleasure.\r\rNarry can be used for any action and helps your slaves to feel happier about their enslavement."
3 - Ryah
"A trustworthy slave girl, she was born female. An incident she will not discuss made her a hermaphodite, a particularly well-endowed one. Her cock is almost always erect but this does not bother her and her lust seems normal.\r\rShe has some skills with performing and can aid your slaves in those trainings. She can assist in any sex act and is competent at other actions, but is a fine dancer."


4 - Laan
"A girl from a little known forest people, exiled from her forest. She has been making her way in the strange outside world. She has been enslaved for a minor crime and she hates her slavery, desperate to be free again.\rShe must be kept bound at all times or she will run away. She has a wide knowledge of the wilderness and is a superb swimmer. She can be used for any sexual act, never refusing, but is not enthusiastic."
5 - Deala
"She is a voluntary slave who sold herself under the condition of bondage, the more severe the better. She loves all forms of bondage and even seems to enjoy spanking and light whipping.\r\rShe will talk with joy and lust to your other slaves about the thrill of bondage."
6 - Maran
"An experienced slave woman who is very helpful for her fellow slaves. She is a mother and has made references to enjoying being pregnant...\r\rMaran gives a 5% bonus to all increases of a slaves statistics. She can participate in any sex act requiring another woman."
7 - Lian & Dian
"These sisters have been slaves for years, and have been lovers for as long, trained to and joyously embracing each other.\r\rThey will happily do any form of lesbian act, but are reluctant to do heterosexual acts."


8 - Soma
"A traitor, but moral and ethical, dedicated to changing the system. He is honourable and will obey you for the duration of his enslavement.\r\rHe will participate in any sex act requiring a male. He increases the rate your slaves morality or ethics increase by 10%, but has no effect on faith. He questions the rights of slaves and decreases the rate slaves obedience increases by 5%."
9 - Lance
"He is a skilled and loyal slave who never talks of his past. He has training in weapons, especially pole-arms.\r\rHe can be used for any sex act requiring a male. Your training in Naginata and any other pole-arm is 10% more effective."
10 - Thoth
"A maimed but handsome man, who has a replacement arm. He is quiet and reserved, but very competent.\r\rHe can participate in any sex act requiring males."
11 - Ryo
"A slightly erratic slave, but honest and very, very strong.\r\rHe is sexually inexperienced and cannot participate in group activities intitially. He can overpower anyone he sets his mind to, fortunately he is loyal."


12 - Haro (dickgirl)
"A very skilled maid, born a hermaphrodite. She is completely loyal and can train your slaves in cooking and cleaning. She will also enthusiastically fuck your slaves when asked.\r\rShe can train your slaves once they reach their limits of self experimentation for cooking and cleaning. She can be used in any sex act."
13 - Sana (female)
"An expert maid but a reluctant slave. Her mistress was disgraced and was forced to sell her to fund herself, promising to eventually buy Sana back. Sana will train your slaves, but is very nervous about sexual acts.\r\rSana can train your slaves once they reach their limits of self experimentation in cooking and cleaning. She will refuse to do any sex acts, initially..."
14 - Latala (female)
"She is a very talented dancer, with a taste for tight, shiny clothing, even rubberised clothes. She is interested in sex and will aid, but she seems to have an aversion to lesbian activities.\r\rShe is friendly with the dance school owner and reduces the cost of training there to 25GP and increases the effectiveness of the training by 10%. She will happily act in any non-lesbian sex act."
15 - Maid Tara (female)
"She is a a skilled maid, capable of looking after house and home. She will attend to your sexual needs as well, skilfully and dispassionately.\r\rShe can be used in sexual tranings requiring a woman."
16 - Ponygirl 1 (female)
"She is your personal ponygirl, the pefect ponygirl in your eyes. Skilled and enhusiastic, she will do anything you ask.\r\rShe will eagerly do any sex act you ask."
17 - Cora (female)
"She is trained in all forms of medical skills and some alchemical. She loves practical jokes, but never when caring for a patient.\r\rAny injuries or treatment for your slaves is faster and they fall ill less often. Initially she is reluctant to aid in sex training, but will help for any oral act."

Bought Back Slaves[edit]

No special functions but, for Bought Back Slaves, in addition to the member variables of the Slave class ALL slave variables listed in Core - Variables.rtf are also present


if (_root.SlavesArray[0].VarIntelligence > 50) {

These variables are the values at the end of the girls training.

Note the read only variables are NOT available like VarIntelligenceRounded. Slave Maker, Servant and common variables are NOT available in the object, just use as normal for their current state


LastEnding is the ending received, does not include tentacle, lesbian meta-endings

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