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SlaveMaker 3 SDK Milking

There are a series of functions and variables that control milking your slave girl. Note there are no versions of this event for male slaves.


Core Variables
_root.Milkable - this is not saved, so set it in her Initialise() function
true = she can be milked
false = she cannot, default, also should be set for male slaves
0 = she has not taken the milk drug
> 0 under the influence of the milk drug, and the days remaining until she realises she is under the influence, increases each time she is milked
-1 = cured

Also some transitory values -2, -3 but these are not saved

number times she has been milked, initially 0


Bit Flag 1
6 = First Milk Event
7 = Milk Accident
11 = Milk Drug offered
25 = Count owns farm
26 = cowgirls removed from farm


if (_root.CheckBitFlag1(25)) {
   _root.AddText("You talk to the Count about the cowgirls...");



Theses are event numbers used in the game. You have intercept them using DoNextEvent() is desired

4080 - First Milking
4081 - End of First Milking
4082 - Milk Drug Confront Farmer - Punch farmer
4083 - Milk Drug Confront Farmer - promise to tell lord, questions asked for 4088, 4087
4084 - Milk Drug Confront Farmer - Male SlaveMaker - next morning, I have breasts, female gender change
4085 - Milk Drug Confront Farmer - Male SlaveMaker - next morning, I am a woman?, dickgirl gender change
4086 - Milk Drug Confront Farmer - rescued and go to Lord
4087 - Milk Drug Confront Farmer - refuse to wait and go to Lord
4088 - Milk Drug Confront Farmer - agree to wait


Slave Girl Override Functions

These functions can be overloaded for a Slave girl to control her milking. if _root.Milkable = false do not override these, they will never be called.

These are mandatory (if Milkable = true)

function ShowMilking()

Show her being milked, and she should be in bondage. If you do not have an image a generic image can be shown

eg just show generic milking image

function ShowMilking()
        _root.UseGeneric = true;


function ShowMilkAccident()

Show her lactating, preferably with her dress slipped down

No generic image is available, so always show something, say her holding her breasts if no lactating images are available

These are optional, but please implement

function ShowMilkFall() : Boolean

Show her fallen over, preferably with larger than normal breasts leaking milk

return true if you show a graphic, otherwise return false and ShowTired() is called


function ShowMilkEnd() : Boolean

Show a graphic when she is cured of the milk drug

return true if you show a graphic, otherwise return false and ShowBreak() is called

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