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There are a few variables and functions for her training as a lesbian.

Core Variables[edit]

the state of lesbian training, READ ONLY
true = lesbian training under way
false = not in lesbian training
Note this variable is copied for your Slave Girl so you can use it without _root.


        if (Lesbian) {
The level of interest your slave has in lesbian training. This is the skill level of sLesbianTrainer needed to start training. It is NOT saved so you must set it in Initialise() or UpdateSlave() functions and when it changes
0 = always will train if sLesbianTrainer is 1 or more
1 = will train is sLesbianTrainer is 1 or more
2 = will train is sLesbianTrainer is 2 or more
3 = will train is sLesbianTrainer is 3 or more
Special case
4 = will never train. Preferably do not use this value, generally set to 3 to indicate high resistance. Only for special cases like Angel Belldandy say
skill as a lesbian trainer 0-3
0 = cannot train lesbian slaves
1 = can train girls who are not hostile to lesbians or religiously opposed. Their lesbian skills are limited to 100 and they will only get the Bi-sexual Ending
2 = can train most girls, except those with strong objections. Their lesbian skills are limited to 200 and but they can get the Lesbian Ending
3 = can convince any girl to become a lesbian slave and love it. Their lesbian skills are unlimited and they can get the Joyfull Lesbian Ending
if true lesbians will take dickgirls as lovers


271 - Start Lesbian Training yes/no
270 - discuss lesbian training


BitFlag 1
	10	= Lesbian training
	11	= decided to not do lesbian training
	12	= reset = Offer Lesbian Training next Lesbian act, else offered
	27 	= start lesbian training at start of day

Core Functions[edit]

function DefaultLesbian(chance:Number) : Boolean
If your slave is in lesbian training then chance% of the time use a generic graphic

Slave Girl Override Functions[edit]

These functions can be overloaded for a Slave girl to control her catgirl training.

function LesbianTrainingAccepted()
Show graphics or text when she starts lesbian training
function LesbianTrainingRefused() : Boolean
Show graphics or text when she refuses lesbian training.
return true to suppress standard text
function ShowEndingLesbianSlave()
Show graphics at the end of training

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