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Why automatic account creation is disabled:

Our wiki, like ALL wikis, is under constant assault by spambots. Don't take our word for it - have a look at the User List. You'll see that the vast majority of accounts are blocked, and they are blocked for spam.

Fortunately, these spambots do not usually edit from raw IP addresses - they always register an account. This helps them to hide, as there is no easy way to determine a user's IP address within MediaWiki.

Combating this near-constant assault is exhausting. We do not have the same level of users as Wikipedia, so we are very easily overwhelmed. We have tried numerous countermeasures - Apache2 modules, realtime blacklists, captchas - all have failed.

The only effective countermeasure - disable automatic account creation. Sadly.

TL;DR - If you want an account, here are your options:

  • Click on the "discussion" tab above and leave a message - hopefully a friendly passing admin-type will take action upon it. Please include your desired username and email address. A randomized password will be emailed to you. NOTE: This will expose your IP and email address to the world, if you care.
  • Contact and make your request directly. Please include your desired username.

Oh yeah - make sure you use a REAL email address. If I get a bounce message, ya done goofed, and I have to assume you are up to some manner of nonsense.

Please note: Hotmail rejects all email from, because Micro$oft are incompetent morons.