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This template is for one 3-column row in a table that uses HTML only instead of wiki markup (<table> instead of {| ) because of the unpredictable way that wiki tables are parsed (tons of extra spaces and generated code). This template allows tables with variable number of rows to be created. Omit any parameter (leave out the entire line including |name =) that isn't needed.


| rh = what goes in the row's tag (i.e., style = "text-align:left")
| h1 = what goes in first column's tag (i.e., style = "text-align:left")
| c1 = what goes in first column
| h2 = what goes in second column's tag (i.e., style = "text-align:left")
| c2 = what goes in second column
| h3 = what goes in third column's tag (i.e., style = "text-align:left")
| c3 = what goes in third column