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Slave Stat descriptions

Male Charisma: a measure of how handsome he is and his style, including his appearance, build, hair-style and clothing. He is...

             0-29 average looking
             30-49 attractive
             50-79 handsome
             80-149 stunning
             150-199 unearthly handsome
             200+ as beautiful as a god

Female Charisma: a measure of her beauty and style, including her appearance, figure, make-up, hair-style and dress. She is...

             0-29 average looking
             30-49 pretty
             50-79 beautiful
             80 -149 stunning
             150-199 unearthily beautiful
             200+ as beautiful as a goddess

Sensibility: her heart, her emotional range and feelings for others. She is... 0-29 self centered

            30-49 considerate of others
            50-79 caring
            80-149 wonderfully compassionate
            150- angelic

Refinement: her ability to deal with high society. Also a measure of her elegance and knowledge of etiquette. She is...

            1-24 coarse and common
            25-59 well acted and stylish
            60-79 as elegant as a noble woman
            80-149 a lady to grace any court
            150+ a paragon of grace and refinement

Intelligence: a measure of her intelligence and education. She is...

            1-24 uneducated
            25-49 well schooled
            50-79 highly educated
            80-149 brilliant and understands most topics
            150+ a genius

Morality: her moral code and ethics and also how she follows the old gods and their ways or her moral code and ethics or her moral code and ethics and also how she follows the gods and their strictures. She is...

            1-24 immoral
            25-49 trying to be ethical or trying to follow the gods
            50-79 faithful and true
            80+ saintly

Constitution: her endurance and strength and affects her fitness. She is...

            1-24 weak
            25-59 healthy
            60-89 athletic
            90-149 highly strong and tough
            150+ amazonian or he is herculean


            1-9 unfit
            10-29 fit
            30-59 very fit
            60+ extremely fit

Cooking: her skills as a cook and her knowledge of recipes. She is...

            1-24 a poor cook
            25-59 a fine cook
            60-79 able to work for any restaurant
            80-149 skilled enough to prepare meals at Court
            150+ a master chef

Cleaning: her skills in cleaning and general house and garden maintenance. She is...

            1-24 unskilled
            25-59 able to clean the house and garden
            60-79 a manager of staff and is an expert in all areas
            80+ capable of the most complex tasks and can organise a large staff

Conversation: her conversational skills, her ability to hold an entertaining conversation. She is...

            0-29 awkward and finds it difficult to talk clearly
            30-59 a pleasant person to talk with

60-79 erudite and persuasive

            80+ a master of conversation, able to convince anyone of her point in a discussion

Lesbian Blowjob :her skill at licking pussy and orally bringing a woman to orgasm. She is...

              0-29 awkward and inexperienced, seldom makes the woman orgasm
              30-59 fairly skilled, can usually make her cum
              60-79 has a talented tongue and can always make her orgasm
              80+ amazing, can always bring her to orgasm after orgasm

Blowjob: to be coarse,her skill at sucking cocks. She is...

               0-29 awkward and finding it difficult to make the cock cum. She dislikes it
               30-59 a skilled cock-sucker, she does not mind it
               60-79 an expert cock-sucker who enjoys it
               80+ loves to suck cocks and drink cum. She could teach at the XXX School

Lesbian Fuck: her skill at tribadism, or pussy grinding, or where two woman rub their pussies together. Also her skill at being fucked by another woman with a strap-on dildo, both vaginally and anally. She is...

               0-29 awkward and inexperienced
              	30-59 experienced and knows how to help her partner
               60-79 talented and knows how to help her partner orgasm too
               80+ a masterful lover, knowing almost all techniques. She could teach at the XXX School

Female Fuck: her experience and knowledge of being vaginally and anally fucked. Also includes her ability to please her partner while being fucked.

Male Fuck: his experience and knowledge of being anally fucked. Also includes his ability to please his partner while being fucked.

He or she is...

              0-29 inexperienced, tending to lay back and be fucked
              30-59 experienced and knows how to help his or her partner
              60-79 as talented as a whore, skilled in all positions
              80+ a masterful lover, knowing almost all techniques.He or she could teach at the XXX School

Temperament: a measure of her independence, will and determination. She is...

           0-19 submissive
           20-59 determined and able to make up her own mind
           60+ independent and strong willed

Nymphomania: her need, her want for sex, even when not aroused. She is...

          0-19 of normal sexual drive
          21-49 of above average drive, and will have sex anytime
          50-79 usually thinking about sex, and actively seeks it
          80+ always wanting sex and it is her main hobby

Obedience: how much she will obey orders from her owner. She is...

          0-19 rebellious
          20-49 somewhat obedient
          50-79 loyal and obedient
          80+ completely trustworthy and will do anything ordered

Lust: her current arousal, her desire and lust for sex. She is...

          0-24 (& not aroused) satisfied with no desire for sex
          25-49 (or aroused)  stimulated and wanting sex
          50-79 highly aroused, needing sex
          80+ lusting for sex

Tiredness: her exhaustion and tiredness

          0-29 fine
          30-59 tired
          60-79 very tired
          80+ exhausted

Joy: her acceptance and pleasure of being a slave. She is...

          0-24 unhappy
          25-49 accepting her lot of being a slave
          50-79 happy as a slave
          80+ joyous and wants to be a slave

Reputation: how well known she is throughout the city, particularly in noble circles. She is...

          0-24 unknown
          25-49 sometimes recognised
          50-79 well known and respected as a slave
          80+ famous