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A user who governs the fabric of this wiki, correcting mistakes and adding content at speeds hitherto undreamt of by normal wiki editors.

Seclife321 is the twin of Conanian. Whether the evil twin, none is sure. Some — including the teller of this tale — assume they are both evil, but no-one disputes that at least one is...

It is said Seclife321's name is derived from the mystical origins surrounding its existence in our plane of being. Originally, Seclife321 was called Firlife, for that was its first existence here. During its first time here, Seclife321 (still known as Firlife) became such as fast typer, it was responsible for the reordering of the keyboard's keys to keep the typewriters from jamming. This reordering was of little consequence to Firlife itself, and even in the modern day of computers the keyboard is incapable of keeping up with Seclife321's speed. It was prophesied that it would return one day to lead the world in collected information gathered by the few and used by the weak; and so it happened. And upon its return it was name "Seclife". So fast was the editing conducted by Seclife, 'twas said it could edit 32 pages in 1 minute — a feat demonstrated on an off day after having not slept for a year — increasing the knowledge collected on the Internet by relatively small proportions, but increase the knowledge of a single website 5 fold; thus, Seclife inherited 32 pages per minute to its name (Seclife32/1), which was subsequently shortened to Seclife321.

All hail the master of Slavemaker wiki; let the knowledge continue to rain upon us from this godlike being!