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I am the operator of Just a fan of the game, decided to use use some of my space and bandwidth to start a wiki. I set up some basics and then mostly just sat back and waited for others to fill in the blanks, which they have... WikiSysop 03:33, 14 January 2010 (UTC)]]

  • XML sample:
<FirstContest>Today is the first of a series of competitions #slaveheshe can
enter, competing against other slaves and other people.
These contests occur every 8 days from the first day of the
<LaterContests>#slave can compete in a contest again.</LaterContests>
  • Actionscript sample:
function ShowSexActTitFuck()
if (_root.DickgirlXF > 0) TitsFuckClip.gotoAndStop(2);
else if (_root.Lesbian) TitsFuckClip.gotoAndStop(3);
else TitsFuckClip.gotoAndStop(1);
TitsFuckClip._visible = true;

Testing moar bullshit