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Occasionally, you will eventually be forced to Fight. Armour will increase your Defence and change your attack speed (how often you get to attack) in Combat (and only in Combat). Keep in mind that your Defence in Combat is limited to 100, so, if your Defence is 100, wearing the Plate Armour will only slow you down.

Armour does nothing outside of combat.

You can purchase and change your armour from the Shop.

No Armour[edit]

You start out with no armour. Having no armour means that you get no bonus to Defense but also no change in your attack speed.

Leather Armour[edit]


Cost: 100 GP

Leather armour is available to all slavers. It only gives about +20 Defence. However, it seems to make increase your attack speed, since I was able to attack more often than when I was wearing No Armour.

Chain Mail[edit]


Cost: 200 GP

This armour is only available to female and dickgirl slavers. It gives about +25 Defence and seems to increase attack speed, but not as much as the Leather Armour.

Scale Mail[edit]


Cost: 200 GP

Scale mail is only available to male slavers. It gives about +30 Defence but doesn't increase the attack speed.

Plate Armour[edit]


Cost: 300 GP

Plate armour is available to all slavers. It gives about +35 Defence but decreases your attack speed.