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Asuka Langley Soryu
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Created by: ?
Since Version: ?

You may Visit the Barmaid once you have encountered her at the Sleazy Bar or through random encounter in the Slums with high enough Conversation. If your slave has at least 30 Conversation, she will be awarded +1 Charisma / +4 Reputation.

  • She won't speak with a Naked slave
  • You will also be presented with 4 topics to discuss which may add additional bonuses:
    • "Tell me about yourself" yields +1 Temperament.
    • "'Other' entertainments" yields +1 Blowjobs, beyond current limit.
      • If you are training a lesbian slave, because Blowjobs has been replaced by Cunnilingus, your slave will not gain anything by this action.
    • "Gossip" yields +1 Joy / -1 Tiredness.
    • "Nothing" yields no additional changes to statistics.