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From: Oh My Goddess!

Duration: 63 days

Created by: Pooolka
Since Version: Original

Belldandy is one of the Slaves that you can train in the game. This girl is a mysterious girl of unknown origin. She claims to have forgotten her past and willingly became a slave. She is kind and gentle, but unmotivated at times. Sometimes she shows strange powers.

Special Statistics: Seduction

Special Actions: None

  • Skuld is her sister and visiting the Salon for the first time will cause her to start coming over in the morning asking to play with Belldandy. Accepting her offer increases Sensibility, Tiredness, and Joy but takes up the Visit for the day. Refusing her offer decreases Joy.
  • If you accept Hild's offer (see below)
    • Seduction will be added to her stats
    • Hild will become your Assistant and cannot be changed for the duration of her training
    • She can no longer do Theology. She can work as Acolyte after dress change, but you'll need to change it every day.
    • She can no longer wear the Angelic Halo or Angel's Tear
    • The effects of the Angelic Dress changes (see Costumes Table)
  • If you accept the angel's offer (see below)
    • The Angelic Dress becomes Angel's Robes (see Costumes Table)

Name Effects Price / Requirement
White Dress V2BelldandyDress1.jpg 100 GP
Modern Dress V2BelldandyDress2.jpg 150 GP
Sailor Dress V2BelldandyDress3.jpg 300 GP
Exotic Dress V2BelldandyDress4.jpg 500 GP
Race Queen V2BelldandyDress5.jpg 700 GP
Angelic Dress (Regular) V2BelldandyDress6Normal.jpg 4000 GP
Angelic Dress (Demonic) V2BelldandyDress6Demon.jpg Accept Hild's offer (see below)
Angel's Robes V2BelldandyDress6Angel.jpg Accept the angel's offer (see below)

Special Endings[edit]

These are unique endings for this slave, in addition to the General Endings and Additional Endings.

Belldandy's special endings depend on a demon event involving Hild. In order to get the event, you need to gain access to the Secure Slave Pens, have Obedience >= 65, and own the Angelic Dress (Belldandy can be naked). The event might also only occur after a specific date.

Ending Requirement
  • Get the demon event and reject Hild's offer
  • Go to the Lake and accept the angel's offer
  • Wear the Angel's Robes
  • Charisma > 80
  • Morality > 80
  • Joy > 80