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The overall goal of the game is to be the best slave trainer in the land. The game is slowly moving towards that direction with additions of gameplay dynamics like trainer statistics, more assistants, etc.

However, the majority of the gameplay is still focused on the immediate goal: training a slave so that she can satisfy her owner within a certain time limit. Training your slave consists of 3 phases: morning, daytime, and night. During each phase, you may perform a number of actions, which is the focus of this article. Your actions will affect statistics and trigger events. Some event will automatically occur and some will present you with choices.

After you have finished training the slave (or your time limit is up), an ending will be played depending on the Score, the events you have triggered, and your choices through the game.


These are optional actions that can be done, often with no limit, before all of the Daytime Actions are all set. They do not cause the day to advance.

Planning (Daytime Actions)[edit]

Each day, you may select three actions for your slave. If your assistant is supervising, then you can select an additional action for yourself. Picking all the actions for the daytime will automatically progress the game to nighttime and prevent any morning actions from being selected until the next day. You may leave the planning screen before all daytime actions are picked to perform morning actions, save your game, etc.




Your Daytime Actions[edit]

These are actions that can be performed by you, the trainer. They will only show up if the assistant is supervising the slave's daytime actions.

Special Daytime Actions[edit]

Some slaves have unique actions that can be anything from extra Jobs to replacements for existing actions. A slave's special actions usually affect her Special Statistics.

Slave Special Actions

Night Actions[edit]

These are actions that can be taken at night time. Most of them are related to sex, but some are not. You can perform 3 to 6 of these actions per night depending on your slave's Constitution. Picking all night actions will automatically progress the game to the next day. You cannot save your game during the night.

Each action has an Obedience requirement that varies for each slave. If the slave does not have the required Obedience, she will refuse to do it, decreasing her Obedience and increasing her Temperament. Certain action, such as Dildo and Ponygirl, have extra item requirements.







Daily Events[edit]

At the beginning of each day, before you select your actions, you may get an event depending on your Statistics, progress through the game, etc. Some are random and others always occur. It is not possible to get more than one of these events per day.

  • It is time for Contests
  • If Obedience is too low, she may run away and you lose a few days of training to recapture her
  • If Tiredness is too high, you will lose a few days of training for your slave to recover
  • If her Love is high enough, she will confess her love to you
  • If you allow your slave to go out alone from the Rules menu, she may be abducted by Tentacles
  • If your slave had a Tentacle encounter before, she may give birth to a baby Tentacle
  • The slave's owner Tests a random Statistic and gives you money based on its value
  • If you gave Drugs to your slave and its effect has worn off, your slave will suffer the consequences
  • If your slave is addicted to Drugs, she will beg for more
  • A Buyer asks you to sell your slave
  • A few days after you sold your slave to a Buyer, you go to Court
  • If her Nymphomania and Lust are high enough, your slave may offer herself to someone on the street
  • Your slave starts, continues, or stops Dating someone else
  • You meet the Drug Dealer
  • You meet the Salesman
  • You meet the Seer if you've never seen her before
  • A Delegation comes to try and take your slave away
  • You hear about Nymph's Tears, Faeries, or Tentacles