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The game map showing possible locations to visit.

This menu option will bring up a map of the area and allow you, your assistant, and slave to visit the locations in the game. You are limited to only visiting one location per day.

However, if you live in the City Apartment, you can take an additional walk in the Town Center per day. To do so, the first place you visit must be the Town Center.

Available Locations[edit]

These locations are available from the start regardless of your starting settings as a trainer. They are large labels in the map. Visiting any of these places will trigger random encounters most of the time.

Unlockable Locations[edit]

Some locations are not on the map when you start new games. They are usually denoted by an X next to their name in the map. Most of them are unlocked through specific events. With a few exceptions, most will stay unlocked for the rest of the game.