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The seer is a combination of fortune teller (not to be confused with the Wandering Fortune Teller) and system menu.

The seer screen provides the following:

  1. She will tell you, with a somewhat cryptic fortune, the most likely ending if you Complete the slave's training immediately. However, she will often miss special endings.
  2. She may advise you to "stay away" from a location, which means that a Tentacle Rape event will occur there if you go.
  3. You can change your name.
  4. It shows the number of days left to train your slave.
  5. It shows your Slave Maker Personal Details.
  6. You can change your Options.

When you start a new game, the seer's location will not be unlocked on your map. During one of the early nights of your first slave's training, you will meet the seer as a Daily Event. Afterwords, the seer's location will be accessible from your map.