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There are two sets of statistics: Slave Statistics and Trainer Statistics (your stats). Actions that you select each day can change both sets of stats. Items will change the slave's stats. The slave's stats only apply to the current slave and will be reset for future slaves that you train. Your stats will carry over to new slaves and reset when you start a new game.

Slave Statistics[edit]

The slave stats are much more important to the game than your stats. Almost everything in the game is affected by these stats. Certain encounters when you Take a Walk and events will only occur if you meet the requirements in the stat. They also determine the Score, which, along with occurred events determine the ending. The Seer will help you determine what ending based on your current stats.

The real value of stats are not measured in whole numbers, despite being shown as such; in so being, certain actions can affect a stat by less than a whole point. Various circumstances will affect the rate by which statistics are increased or decreased, and the circumstances are cumulative; for example, training Akane in the City Apartment will significantly decrease the rate at which Cooking increases.

Each slave starts with a preset value for these stats. Some have Special Statistics. Although there is no specific order to improving the stats. It is advisable to improve Constitution as fast as possible because it gives you extra Night Actions.

Special Statistics[edit]

Some slaves have one extra unique stat. This stat will directly influence special events and endings unique to that particular slave. The stat can even change depending on events and choices made through the game.

Slave Special Stats

Trainer Statistics[edit]

These statistics were added in version 2.14 to represent you (the slave trainer). They carry over to each new slave that you train. However, as of version 5.18, they have little to no noticeable effects on the game. The Constitution, Attack, Defence, and Lust stats are used during fights, but if you disable Combat in the Options menu, then they, along with the other stats, do nothing.

These stats can only be increased by having your assistant supervise your slave's Daytime Actions and selecting your own daytime action.