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The first step in creating your character is to select your gender: Male, Female, or Dickgirl (hermaphrodite). By itself, the gender doesn't affect much beyond the possible Bad Endings. The selected gender then leads to possible portraits and talents. The portraits are just decoration, but the talents have bonuses and penalties. Some talents, like Lesbian Trainer, lead to unique gameplay. You can choose the Religion of your character on this screen too. There is three possible faiths : New Gods, Old Gods, No Gods. Faith, like traits, will give you bonuses and penalties.

From this screen, you can also access the Options menu to change the game settings.




  • Increased loyalty and adoration
  • Love ending easier
  • Bonus when Supervising
  • she reacts badly to force and bondage



  • Prices generally lower
  • Reduced starting Refinement
  • After you have encountered the Salesman once, his location will show up on the map when you Take a Walk

Inhuman Ancestry[edit]

No Special Talent[edit]

  • No effects on the game





Lesbian Trainer[edit]

This article is about the Talent. For other uses, see Lesbian (disambiguation).
  • Can get the Lesbian Slave ending
  • Masculine sex acts require 10% (rounded down) more obedience than what is normally required for non-lesbian trainers.
  • Earns less in Sleazy Bar and Brothel


No Special Talent[edit]

  • No effects on the game



Unusual Cum[edit]

  • Exposure to your cum will affect her physically, she desires it
  • you need to fuck her or get a blowjob every night



Cock of Demonic Origin[edit]

  • Each night, get an event with various choices that raise your slave's Obedience
  • Can Take a Walk at the Ruins
  • anal every night, morality changes slowly

No Special Talent[edit]

  • No effects on the game

Note: It is possible for a Dickgirl to have a talent of any gender through metamorphosis. See Bad Endings - Cow Girl for Male to Dickgirl (or Female,) and Orgasm Milking for Male or Female to Dickgirl.