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Tentacles stalk the game world raping girls. There are several events and Endings associated with tentacles. The events usually occur near a new moon (when it's dark). The phase of the moon is shown at the top of the middle bar between the picture and the stats.

Sometimes, you'll have to Fight them. If you lose, you will get a Bad Ending.

The Options menu will allow you to configure the tentacle events.


Tentacle Rape[edit]

This is a random event that can occur at any location except for the Palace.

During a new moon, this event will always occur at a specific location. The Seer will reveal where the location is through a cryptic message about having your slave avoid the place.

Tentacle Abduction[edit]


If you allow your slave to leave by herself at night in the Rules, then, you may get a Daily Event in which your slave might get kidnapped by tentacles. This event usually occurs near the new moon.

After she's abducted, you will be given the option to rescue her yourself. If you try to rescue her, you have to navigate through a lair filled with tentacles. All tentacle Fights are optional, but several paths will be blocked by tentacles and you will have to Fight them if you wish to move on. If you don't rescue her or fail to find her in the lair, then she will be returned to you, possibly days later.

Tentacle Impregnation[edit]

This Daily Event can be turned off from the Options menu. If you have had any of the previous events with a tentacle, there is a random chance that your slave will give birth to one weeks later.


  • If you keep working as an Acolyte, there is an event in which the Nuns are being raped by tentacles and you can choose to have your slave save them or run away
  • Tentacles may come in during your slaves Milking


There is an Additional Ending involving tentacles. You can also get a Bad Ending if you lose to tentacles during Combat.