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This is one of the Jobs in the game. The described effects may differ from those shown in your game depending on various factors, such as your Background, House, and Skills.

Available: Anytime

Time Taken: 2 hours

Pay: 5 * (Morality / 5) + (Intelligence / 5)

  • This job is not available if you follow the Old Gods
  • If the slave is wearing Acolyte's Robes, she receives 5% extra pay.
  • If the slave is wearing a Blessed dress, she receives an extra +1 Morality and 10% extra pay.
  • The first time you work as an acolyte on the second day of the full moon and every time you work as an acolyte the day after, she hears a noise and is given the choice to investigate. Investigating gives +2 Lust, Morality, and Nymphomania. Ignoring the sound has no effects.
  • For Rei, this action may be renamed to either:
    • Acolyte Training, which has an extra Purity +1, or
    • Tease Nuns, which has an extra Corruption +1 sometimes
  • For Orihime, this action may be unavailable

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