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From: Dragon Quest IV

Cost: 50 (Weekly Fee)

Created by: Darsel
Since Version: 3.1.09 (?)

Alena is one of the Assistants in the game. A noble-born and seasoned adventurer from a distant kingdom. She has offered her services while she continues the search for her missing companions.


  • Charges a weekly fee of 50GP, but will discount based on the quality of your training, as low as 10GP. Once a week she requests a day off to adventure in exchange for a cut of her loot, which is typically over 50GP per week.
  • Alena can become a hermaphrodite after your slave become one, if your say ‘’Yes’’ during an event when she ask you if you want her to take Astrid Potion and to become a hermaphrodite permanently.
Alena's Mood Meter.jpg
  • Alena has a ‘‘Mood Meter’’. She has four stages:
    • Happy
    • Nervous
    • Angry
    • Mad
  • If you ‘mistreat’ your Slave, by having her raped in the Slums, tentacle raped or by giving her several Actions that required a higher Obedience, Alena stage will move toward Mad. Alena’s Mood Meter can also moved in that way if you refuse to let her go to an adventure, if she get raped (by human or by tentacles) or if your Slave 'Run Away' (The Daily Event). However, it can move backward, to Happy again, when she receives her Weekly Fee and if your slave is happy. (That means if your slave got some good stats, she doesn’t get raped and she always obey you.) Anyway, if Alena’s Mood Meter goes to Mad, the next morning, you will have to fight her. You can win or lose, doesn’t matter much, and the training will continues as normal. If you let her Mood Meter goes to Mad again, she will fight you for a second time. You can win or lose, doesn’t matter again, BUT, if you let it happen a third time, you will wake up the next morning as a Female, if you’re not one already, and you will battle Alena.
  • If you win, you can:
    • 1. Stay as Female.
    • 2. Change into a Male by drinking the Blue Potion.
    • 3. Change into a Hermaphrodite by drinking the Green Potion.
  • If you lose:
    • 1. If Bad Endings are on, you got one when you become Alena’s sex slave and give birth to her children.
    • 2. If Bad Endings are off, Alena tell you that she going to warn the authorities because you have mistreated your slave (or something like that), your Slave’s Training will end and you stay female.
  • In any case, if you win the event above, Alena Mood Meter will remain as Happy for the remaining of the training.