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This article is about Alice and Bria. For other uses, see the assistant Alice Elliot, the assistant Alice or Alice (NPC).
Alice and Bria

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Alice and Bria are two faeries that you can randomly encounter when you Take a Walk at the Docks, in the Port Area, but only during Aeris training. You must supervise Aeris. After you help Alice free Bria, you can ask them about Aeris' aura. This is needed for the Holy/Dark Queen Faerie Endings. You can also invite them for an Orgy. When they accept, they become Minor Slaves permanently. Depending on your Charisma level, they might also attack Aeris and you. If Aeris wins the fight, you can also ask about Aeris' aura or invited them for an Orgy. If you lose, they will rape you with Aeris.