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Occasionally, you will eventually be forced to Fight. Armour will increase your Defence and change your attack speed (how often you get to attack) in Combat (and only in Combat). Your Defence in Combat is technically limited to 100, but, since your Defense stat is reduced in battle, even if your Defense was 100, only the N7 Armour and Blood Dragon Armor would meaningfully exceed the cap.

Armour does nothing outside of combat.

You can purchase and change your armour from the Armoury.


Cost: Free

Fighting without armor increases your Speed by 30.

Leather Armour[edit]


Cost: 300 GP

Leather armour gives +20 Defence. It increases Speed by 20.

Chain Mail[edit]


Cost: 300 GP

This armour gives +25 Defence and increases your Speed by 10.

Scale Mail[edit]


Cost: 500 GP

You start off with this armor. Scale mail gives +30 Defence but doesn't increase the attack speed.

Plate Armour[edit]


Cost: 800 GP

Plate armour gives +35 Defence but decreases your Speed by 10.

N7 Armour[edit]

Cost: 15000 GP

N7 Armor (Male).pngN7 Armor (Female).png

N7 armour gives +100 Defence and increases your Speed by 30.

Blood Dragon Armour[edit]

Cost: 15000 GP

Blood Dragon Armor (Male).pngBlood Dragon Armor (Female).png

Blood Dragon armour gives +115 Defence and increases your Speed by 15.

Holy Plate Armor[edit]

Cost: 15000 GP

Holy Plate Armor (Male).pngHoly Plate Armor (Female).png

Holy Plate Armor gives +120 Defence if your Corruption is 0, otherwise it gives +100 Defence and in either case increases your Speed by 30.