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From: Futurama

Cost: 100

Created by: abisal
Since Version: 3.2.02 (?)

BrainSlug is one of the Assistants in the game. A quiet oozy creature that likes to stand over the heads of people. Beware its hunger.


  • Intelligence -2 each day.
  • Temperament -1 each day.
  • Obedience +3 each day.
  • Changes to Morality and Nymphomania increase by 20%.
  • There are two Specials Events for this Assistant:
    • One where you catch it raping your Slave. You can choose to Intervene or to Leave It alone. If you Intervene, you can Help It or Punish It. Every choice has different effects.
    • The other event occurs when your Slave's Intelligence is becoming low. BrainSlug will tell you, during the next morning, that it is getting hungry, since it is the one that 'EAT' the Stat (along with Temperament which does not affect this event). Anyway, when Intelligence drops to zero, it will tell you that it’s 'starving'. If you leave it in that state for a long time, the next morning it will attack you. If you win, nothing special happens immediately, but BrainSlug will attack you again if it does not get his 'Food-Fix'. If you lose or choose to Run Away from the fight with Bad Endings On, Brain Slug will take over your brain, your body, and the whole kingdom of Mioya! If the Bad Endings are Off, it will simply 'take advantage of you' (rape?) and tell you to 'not forget lunch time again'.
BrainSlug Fight.jpg